Xin Divine

It is good food :)

20 April 2018 | Singapore


To be more specific, Xin Divine’s chefs are influenced by Szechuan, Cantonese and French cooking, so the restaurant's menu is an interesting blend of all that (plus what Jolin said). :)


Their presentation is pretty and different, but you’ll recognise the ingredients and flavours after taking a bite. The names of Xin Divine’s dishes will also give you a clue: Szechuan Style Tortellini, Hokkaido Scallop, XO Fried Rice with Crab XO, and Chinese Polenta, just to name a few.


The Osmanthus Sphere, for one, is a jelly orb filled with chilled winter melon and rock sugar soup, and includes sprigs of osmanthus, wolfberries, and the Chinese herb pang da hai (malva nut). It also comes with a shot of fizzy red date juice.


Jolin recommends the following modern eateries if you're on the lookout for progressive Chinese cuisine and more exciting meals:

• Tate Dining Room, Hong Kong

• Mr & Mrs Bund, Shanghai

• Curate, Singapore

• Ding Xian 101, Taipei

• Cure, Singapore


Happy eating. :)


Xin Divine is at 10 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089594; tel: 65 3100 0030.

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