Love a good lip balm 

31 July 2018 | Singapore

I've always said that I can leave the house without makeup. But I don’t think I can leave the house without lip balm, and a tinted one at that. :)

My favourite is Hurraw!, a brand of vegan lip balms with lovely shades and flavours. They glide on easily and have enough of a sheen – not too overpowering. They also smell and taste wonderful, and will leave your lips feeling soft and smooth. They are high-quality and will last you a while.

You can try Crazy Rumors and Eco Lips too.

I’m sure there are other brands out there that offer the same amazing results, and I’m excited to try them once I’ve finished what I have at the moment. :) They also happen to make cool gifts.

But then we don’t have to go far (and order online) to get our fill of great lip balms. There are three Singapore-made labels to love:

#1 Balm Kitchen’s Glam Chic and Sassy Coral tinted lip balms, which contain organic sunflower oil, mango butter and avocado oil. At S$9 (4g) each.

#2 Katfood’s 99 Pink Balloons Lip Balm, which has pink and a bit of purple in it, and a refreshing lemon scent. At S$12.90 (5g).


#3 Handmade Heroes’ English Rose and French Rose Lip Tints (above right), which are free of preservatives and made of organic virgin coconut oil and cocoa butters. At S$7.90 each.

They’re worth adding to your lip balm collection. :)

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