I think it's the introvert in me

04 July 2018 | Singapore

An acquaintance once told me, “I wanted to say hi earlier, but you looked so deep in thought, I didn’t want to interrupt.”


Yep, that’s me. :)


There’s something amazing and freeing about being alone with your thoughts. I actually find myself staring off into space all the time, no matter where I am. It sounds weird, I know. But it seems that I’m always thinking about something... and it shows in my face. Plus the view helps (or makes it worse, depending on how you look at it).


#1 The Marina Bay and CBD areas

I used to walk here a lot, and pretend it was my workout. :) I think I can still remember when Marina Bay Sands wasn’t built yet. I love seeing the river at night, and the skyscrapers all lit up.


#2 Orchard

I took this picture outside ION Orchard while looking up. I believe I do this (take this picture, I mean) at least once a year, for some strange reason.


#3 The library

My favourite hangout. I love books. Nothing transports you to a different time and place better than a good book. At least in my opinion. :)


There are other spots that come to mind, but so far I’m just focusing on these ones. For now. :)




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