Sharpen your senses

I'm sensing a good show 

04 May 2018 | Singapore


These tips will help you appreciate “Sensing the Dark: A Journey of Sound Without Sight” too. As the 50-minute presentation is done in the dark, sounds, sights and smells become even more pronounced, so it’s good to be aware and prepared. :)


Conceptualised by Singapore artists (Julian Wong is the composer and music director, while Irene Jansen is the vocal director), “Sensing the Dark” involves the clever use of music, vocals and lights to create a unique experience.


It'll leave you feeling refreshed, alert and upbeat. :)


Catch “Sensing the Dark” at the Esplanade Theatre Studio from 26 to 29 May 2018. Tickets begin at S$28. There are concessions for students, NSFs and seniors.

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