What to get for your starter stationery collection

Updated: Mar 25

Do you love going to stationery shops?

I do. 😊

Think stationery shop Singapore
Especially if they look like this

I take my time and go through everything (because everything’s so pretty), but I always end up buying one thing: a pen. (But if we’re being real here, I have to admit that I don’t just buy one.)

It’s (almost) the same for Mr Phon, the director of Think.

“I do have a little collection of pens from many years ago,” he recalls.

It’ll make you think (but in a good way)

Think is a lifestyle and stationery shop in Singapore that’s located in Funan. It features a range of curated quality products such as journals, pens, notepads, and other accessories from Japan and Europe for both the beginner and discerning stationery lover.

Think stationery shop Singapore
You'll love the variety

It’s cool to come across someone who’s been in the trade for over 40 years.

“The first time I visited a stationery shop was more than 50 years ago,” Mr Phon continues.

“At that time, stationery shops mostly sell basic items; for example, a limited range of writing instruments, among others.

“But the ballpen is the first item that I bought from a stationery shop. And the first time I went to a stationery shop in Japan, there are (already) many interesting pieces of stationery. They’re not only unique from a design outlook, they’re also quality. From that point on, I liked visiting stationery shops.”

Don’t be afraid to browse and enjoy the experience, he adds. You probably wouldn’t be the only one.

“If you love writing, art or journalling, is it fun and even addicting to collect stationery, writing instruments and journalling accessories? As stationery trends move fast, new items also launch very fast. It’ll always feel ‘fresh’, and there’s no end to seeing new and interesting items.”

How to shop

There's only one rule: “If I feel that the item is interesting, unique and useful, I will buy it,” Mr Phon declares.

“I’ll just look around the whole shop. It depends on how attracted I am to the shop.”

Though he admits he doesn’t have a stationery collection at the moment, he believes in having a few key pieces in your possession… uhm, desk. 😉

#1 Writing instruments

“If you like calligraphy or handwriting, you’ll enjoy the range of products, their design and quality.”

#2 Paper products

“These are essential for your writing instruments. When you have a good writing instrument, we suggest you get a good notebook with quality paper. It’ll have a different feel and you’ll enjoy writing on it.”

#3 Filing products

“Filing is important, as it manages your documents and puts your life in order.”

#4 Desk accessories

“They make you work smoothly and efficiently.”

Traveler's Brass Series
Build a useful set

#5 Seasonal products

“… such as a diary and organiser. A diary is useful; it allows you to plan and organise your work. This is important nowadays, as we are all very busy and fully occupied every day.”

On second thought, “Writing instruments and paper products are always interesting to collect because you’ll use them often,” Mr Phon muses.

If you won’t, they’ll always make pretty gifts. I’d love to receive these myself. ❤️

Think is at 107 North Bridge Road, #02-15 Funan Mall, Singapore 179105. Check out their site, Facebook and Instagram.