What goes well with chocolate?

Updated: Mar 25

If you ask Rachael of Chocolate Anatomy, the perfect pairings would be chocolate with:

#1 Mint

#2 Coffee

#3 Sea salt

#4 A hint of cracked pepper...

#5 ... or chilli

“It’s weird, I know,” she admits. “But they really bring out the chocolate flavour!”

Use any of the above to liven up your chocolate, chocolate recipes, chocolate drinks, and chocolate desserts now. 😊

Signature offering

Rachael is the founder of Chocolate Anatomy, a chocolate and dessert shop in Singapore.

They’re known for their chocolate truffles (their first ever product), but their cakes, cookies, brownies, macarons and tarts in different flavours are well-loved as well.

Chocolate truffles by Chocolate Anatomy
With Rachael's chocolate truffles, you won't just stop at one

Aside from chocolate, some of their flavours include Salted Caramel Earl Grey, Lemon Poppy Seed, Thai Milk Tea, and Loaded Strawberries, just to name a few.

They also customise their desserts and create dessert tables for events.

“I strongly believe in using fresh ingredients instead of essences, as they really help to elevate the flavours of the entire dessert,” Rachael declares.

“And yes, desserts can be customised for any sort of party. Lately there is the Omakase-style menu, which is running on its fourth edition. People love it as they get to pick and choose what they want from a carefully curated menu with no minimum spending!”

Chocolate Anatomy Omakase menu
You get the best of everything

Which brings us to another perfect pairing or flavour combination:

#6 Brown butter + coffee + chocolate ganache

“In the previous Omakase menu, there was a brown butter coffee loaf, which sported a layer of chocolate ganache on top,” she observes. “That was quite well-received!”

Not a “job”

Rachael works with quality chocolate every day, and comes across outstanding chocolate-flavoured bakes.

“I started off this brand with just a passion for baking, and well, I love anything chocolate,” she shares.

“What was originally an idea to work only with chocolate (hence the brand name) has now diversified into an extensive menu with an array of flavours. (P.S. I definitely wouldn’t call myself a chocolatier because I don’t work with cocoa beans or make my own chocolate.)

“My desserts aren’t too sweet, as I personally don’t enjoy overly sweet desserts as well,” she continues.

“And while the brand has a bunch of other non-chocolate-based flavours, the usual top favourites are still the chocolatey stuff – truffles, dark chocolate fudge brownies, brookies, and the original chocolate cake.”

Chocolate Anatomy brownies
Because the brownies are irresistible

No worries

Can Rachael reveal her tips or techniques for chocolate desserts?

“I don’t exactly have any tips or secrets behind the bakes! All I can say is do your research well as to how different ingredients work with each other, and work your way up from there,” she notes.

“Definitely be flexible, but don’t bend too many rules as baking is almost like a science, with its chemical reactions with certain ingredients, etc.”

Homemade or store-bought, chocolate is great on its own or dressed up in other trimmings or flavours. It’s always lifted me up (especially now when times are tough).

“I’ve always been envious of people who have a job but call it enjoyment rather than work,” Rachael maintains.

“Being able to bake for a living has led me there, and I’ve never regretted my decision to drop a full-time job to pursue what I really want to do.”

What about you? In what ways has chocolate and desserts changed your life? 😊 (And can you suggest more perfect chocolate pairings and flavour combinations for us?)

For more on Chocolate Anatomy and their menu, go to their site, Facebook and Instagram.