When a Singapore food tour guide wants dessert, she orders these

Updated: Mar 25

No meal is complete without dessert.

It’s like writing a sentence or uttering a statement without a period at the end.

It’s like there’s something missing, like I’m left hanging.

It’s definitely not a good feeling.

Or something like that. 😊

Good thing I’ve found a kindred spirit in Eiktha Khemlani, a licensed guide and the founder of VegThisCity in Singapore.

Here's Eiktha

VegThisCity specialises in small group tours that take visitors to the best “hidden” vegan, vegetarian, and street foods the city has to offer. Their four-hour food hops also allow you to make your own culinary discoveries and immerse yourselves in the local history, traditions and culture of each neighbourhood.

“Oh man, desserts are a real pick-me-up. Sometimes you skip the main meal just to make space for dessert,” she confesses.

“Whether they’re savoury or sweet, simple or lush, before or after a meal, desserts complete the food experience. Sometimes they even save it from being a complete disaster. It’s the first dish to make a great impression, and the final dish to make sure it lasts. Obviously dessert takes one of these spots.

“Also, don’t you feel that when you have a great dessert, it kind of takes you someplace else?”

In fact, Eiktha loves dessert so much (Singaporean and Singapore-based ones, in particular) that she has a tour dedicated to it called Seven Deadly Sins.

She's also been part of the organising team for a number of large-scale food and lifestyle events in Singapore, and organises The Uncomplicated Diner, Singapore’s only meat-free guerrilla dining that’s completely non-profit.

There’s a lot to cover

Eiktha would be the first to tell you that there’s so much good stuff, even she doesn’t know where to begin sometimes (and she revels in it).

“Singapore desserts are positively overwhelming,” she admits.

“So innovative, so many choices and a real hodge podge. You can have truly local desserts (such as ice kacang, putu piring, silky beancurd, black sesame paste), locally-influenced desserts (like waffles with date syrup, chendol ice cream, shaved ice with lychee), and authentic global desserts (like churros, pies and even acai shakes). And they’re all available in plant-based versions. How do you decide?!?”

How do you decide, indeed

Eiktha still managed to, only because I specifically asked her to name her top 5 favourite desserts in Singapore – the ones that she thinks don’t usually get the attention they so rightly deserve, but should.

Have you eaten any of these? If not, we hope you will soon. 😊

#1 Durian mango sago from Ah Chew Desserts

“I wish I could sit there longer and enjoy this, but they’re always so crowded that you have a bevy of people waiting to grab your seat just as you’re done licking the bottom of the bowl.”

Try the durian mango pomelo as well

#2 Blue Planet ice cream from Kind Kones

“At home, we used to make a variation of the Italian Cassata – a delicious combination of fruits, ice cream and cake. It isn’t something you can easily find dining out, especially one that's egg-less or even dairy-free. But this Kind Kones version comes really close, and it’s really irresistible. Tinged with blue from the butterfly pea flower, this vegan ice cream has a smooth velvety vanilla taste and bits of matcha cake embedded within.”

Don't you love the colour of a butterfly pea flower?

#3 Waffles from Brownice and Well Dressed Salad Bar & Cafe

“Two of the best places to get fluffy waffles with or without ice cream. The best part is they’re dairy-free and egg-free.”

#4 Melt-in-your-mouth gulab jamun

“This deep-fried dough ball soaked in simmering rose-cardamom syrup can be found in almost all North Indian cafés or restaurants. But the one my mum makes at home is my favourite, hands down.

“While Indian desserts are generally associated with being too sweet, many don’t realise that their one cup of bubble tea or can of coke actually has a lot more sugar.

“I always say try everything, but in moderation, so you get the best of all worlds. When ordering, make sure your gulab jamun is served warm. I guarantee you won’t be able to stop at one.”

#5 A flat white from Caffe Beviamo

Who says an exceptional drink can’t be considered dessert?

“Try as I might, I’ve not been able to find better coffee anywhere else. This picks me up any time of the day.”

To cap it off, Eiktha lists cheese and yoghurt here too. “Simple delicacies, they help to digest the food and close the meal comfortably. Both the non-dairy and dairy ones work equally well.”

These are actually vegan cheeses at a VegThisCity vegan cheese tasting session

If you still can’t get enough (or want to know more), join Eiktha and VegThisCity on their next scheduled tour. 😊 Go to their site to book your spot, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates.