5 reasons to travel (and go back) to Scotland

Updated: Mar 25

Edinburgh. The Highlands. Its intriguing past. The long walks. Outlander.

And that’s just for starters. 😊

“Visitors may initially come for the beautiful scenery, like snow-capped mountains and ruined castles, but once they’re here they fall in love with the people and culture,” says Kane Moffat, Social Media and PR Executive at Rabbie’s.

“The people are very welcoming to visitors and often have a charming accent. The culture is rich from tartan-clad kilts, abundance of whisky, vibrant city festivals, unique food (think haggis), and a long captivating history.”

As someone who’s been to Scotland a few times (and can’t wait to return), I think Kane got it perfectly. Rabbie’s is, after all, an award-winning tour company that offers small group tours not just of Scotland, but of England and Ireland too. Their staff and driver-guides are well-versed in the history, culture and secrets of these places, and have entertained guests with their personal experiences and stories since 1993.

You might see their mini coaches navigating the roads

Locals might look at things a bit differently – as is sometimes the case when you’ve lived in a certain area for a while and seen its sights often – but Kane’s own experiences have made him appreciate his home a lot more.

I’ve noticed a large increase in tourism here over the last 20 years, and this has definitely inspired me to see more of my own country. I’ve always enjoyed travelling around Scotland on family holidays as a child and the abundance of nature,” he admits.

“Popular media like Outlander, Harry Potter and James Bond, as well as top travel lists like Rough Guides and TripAdvisor, have had a positive impact on Scottish tourism. Seeing people visit my country and enjoy themselves so much reminds me of how great this country is.”

I myself have explored a couple of spots more times than I can count (yikes), and it never gets old. (There’s a good chance I’ll check them out again if I manage another trip.) Kane feels the same. In fact, here are five destinations in Scotland that Kane wouldn’t get tired of visiting – sites where he wouldn’t mind spending his break and free time at, which says a lot. 😊 Once you see and find out more about them, you’ll realise why.

#1 Tobermory

“The capital of the Isle of Mull is so picturesque with its row of colourful houses. Definitely the prettiest harbour town in Scotland.”

You won't miss it

#2 Outer Hebrides

“More specifically Lewis and Harris are like nowhere else in Scotland. Lewis has the Calanais standing stones which have always fascinated me, and Harris has beautiful white sandy beaches so I forget I’m in Scotland!”

#3 Inverness

“Inverness is located in such a great spot for access to the rest of the Highlands. There’s always a buzz in the city from the tourists visiting Loch Ness, which I like.”

It's beautiful too

#4 St Andrews

“The drive to St Andrews from Edinburgh along the coast is lovely. St Andrews Cathedral is an amazing ruin to walk around on a sunny day.”

#5 Loch Lomond

“Great spot for relaxing and taking in the views. It’s also my go-to choice if I want go kayaking or rent a bike and have a scenic cycle around the loch.”

I agree. Are Kane's choices inspiring you to book that ticket to Scotland too? (We probably should.) 😊

Kane adds that Rabbie’s is also expanding into Europe in 2020. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for updates.

In the meantime, here are more photos of Scotland to help convince you. 😊