Here’s a tiny house you’d love to live in and show off

If only we were in Canada.

I’ve always been interested in tiny, sustainable homes. It appeals to the practical side of me: It’s well-thought-out, it’s easier to clean, it’s relatively affordable, and it gives me enough room for my things. I don’t need anything more.

I’m also assuming less material will be used, as it is a small space. 👍

Not into small spaces? Maybe you haven’t found one that’s spoken to you yet.

Or maybe it’s because you haven’t come across Hewing Haus. 🙂

Hewing Haus is a construction company based in Vancouver, BC, that creates sturdy, long-lasting, sustainable, customisable and portable prefabricated dwellings with a low carbon footprint. They use renewable, affordable and eco-friendly materials such as cross-laminated timber (CLT). Easy to install, their units range from 200 to 600 sq ft.

Now if only I could try and see for myself what it’s like to live in one of their builds – it’d probably be amazing.

I’m not alone. 😁

“I haven’t lived in one of our units yet,” admits Jarris Neufeld, their director of sales and marketing. “My wife and I did live in 500 sq ft for a couple of years, five years ago. We loved it and grew accustomed to small spaces.”

Jarris Neufeld, Hewing Haus
This is Jarris

But as part of Hewing Haus, Jarris can attest to the quality, design and efficiency of their units, plus a couple of other things too. If you’re on the lookout for a tiny house to live in, or one you can add to your lot as a separate space to serve a different purpose, here’s what I think Hewing Haus has done admirably well. Let them inspire you.

#1 Cross-laminated timber (CLT)

“Working with CLT has been a cool piece of our builds. It is carbon sequestering and can have a two-hour burn rating before it’s affected structurally,” Jarris says.

#2 The kitchens

This is one aspect of their homes that Jarris finds himself highlighting the most to people because it’s worth it.

“Our kitchens are awesome,” he says. “With small living, having all the appliances integrated into cabinetry can give it a clean and larger look.

“With small living, the layout needs to be done well. At Hewing Haus, we have thoughtfully designed plans that are very much livable.”

#3 Portability

It’s a different feeling, waiting for your unit to arrive all finished and ready to be set up.

#4 The builds work in almost every location

But the more scenic the spot, the better. Also if you’re surrounded by nature with no other structures in sight.

Hewing Haus has been lucky enough to transport their homes to the nicest-looking places ever.

“We dropped two ‘libraries’ on an island just outside of West Vancouver, which overlook the ocean,” Jarris describes.

“We’ve done lake properties and other ocean views. Those are always spectacular and fun to see come to life.”

The “lake home drops”, in particular, proved to be the most satisfying. “There’s something about being out in the middle of nowhere with a quiet, small, warm and peaceful Hewing Haus, a fire and friends.”

#5 The work experience

Transporting a dwelling, for example, is not without its difficulties. “The most challenging spot was a build that we had to land with a helicopter,” Jarris observes.

“Having to work with trucks, cranes, barges, tides and helicopters to make it all happen was challenging. Once that was completed, we knew we could figure out almost anything.”

#6 The service

What does Jarris love the most about Hewing Haus, and working for Hewing Haus?

“It’s fun being in an industry where this would typically be one of the largest purchases someone would make in their lives,” he answers.

“Being able to come alongside that and build a relationship of trust, knowing that we are a part of their lives by creating a building that becomes a home, is pretty special.”

#7 It looks good

And everything has a place, and is meant to be.

#8 Anything is possible

The units are customisable, after all.

If you ask Jarris, though, his ideal build would look like this: “A custom Hewing Haus would have 3,300 sq ft modules in the shape of a U with a covered deck for some awesome outdoor living space, and a circular stairway up to the rooftop deck overlooking a lake.” Sounds idyllic.

What about you – what would be your perfect build? 🙂

Find Hewing Haus here and on Facebook and Instagram.

Part of the reason for this post

For some of us, the idea of actually buying and owning a house seems like a dream. Impossible, even. I mean, if you’re having trouble paying for your rent now… 😭

Tiny prefab homes aren’t for everyone, but knowing that people can have options like this is a good thing. It could make that dream possible. You can take a step closer.

Then again, others don’t have a choice but to live in a shoebox with family or strangers, so “tiny homes” are a turn-off for them. Which is understandable.

Others also don’t have the luxury of choosing a location. Some of us may wish to be on top of a mountain with a cool view and no neighbours at all, but nope, cannot. 😬

There are housing regulations to contend with too.

But I hope these won’t stop you from achieving the simple and fuss-free lifestyle you want, the kind that you’ll get from living in a tiny house. Or a tiny apartment (for now).

I’ve learnt the value, importance and effects of living within your means, and just buying what you need. A tiny house or a small space represents that for me, and I can only imagine how freeing it’d feel.

I love that it makes you think out of the box as well, and come up with incredible solutions that could work so perfectly for your lifestyle. Just don’t forget to do your research – lots of it – on every single detail before you decide. Book an appointment with the company. Check their office or warehouse. Ask loads of questions. Talk to people who’ve bought their homes, or worked with them to build their homes. Get a second (or third) opinion. Compare prices, packages and services. Look at your finances. Be diligent and vigilant. It’s still your hard-earned money, after all.

I’m glad I came across Hewing Haus, because they’re adding something to my list of ideas... and aspirations. (Even though I don’t live in Canada. 😬)

Do you feel the same? Are you currently living in a tiny house?