The right time for tea

Updated: Mar 25

Any time is the right time to have a cup, actually. 😊

“It brings people together to celebrate or to heal a broken heart,” says Nilushika “Nilu” Silva Jayaweeera, the founder and CEO of NiluTea.

“It’s a drink that heals the body, mind and soul.”

Nilu wants everyone to know

We’d have to agree – especially when it happens to coincide with a milestone or an accomplishment. Enjoying tea seems much sweeter then. In fact, there’s one experience that Nilu considers extra special and she feels deserves a toast.

“I’d say it’s the first day I saw my NiluTea logo actually completed,” she recalls. “It speaks about the people and the women who work in the plantation.”

That’s right – purchasing a NiluTea item means that you get to delight in one of their refreshing teas and help the dedicated team behind the brand.

Look for the logo (and the friendly service and smiles)

NiluTea is a Sri Lanka-based company that offers quality, ethical and sustainably sourced pure Ceylon teas and tea products. Ten percent of their profits go to Emerging Hope Lanka, a non-profit that supports Sri Lankan women and provides them with the resources to establish their own businesses.

Good things happen when you put your heads, hands and hearts together

As a business coach and motivational speaker, Nilu’s teas help to loosen her up and keep her centred as well. Here are her personal favourite ways and times to drink tea.

• Earl Grey tea “is best in the morning”.

• Green tea “is a healthy drink for morning or afternoon”.

• Cinnamon tea “in the afternoon is great for giving energy”.

• Chamomile tea “is good for relaxing and best in the evening”.

• Lemon and ginger tea “is great for any time of the day, just not in the evening”.

• Mint tea “is great after a meal to give you soothing relaxation”.

Treat yourself to some tea accordingly then. 😊

NiluTea is available at RedMart and Food For Thought in Singapore, but you can also place international orders. Follow their journey on Instagram and Facebook.