The topping your pizza needs

Updated: Mar 25

Can you guess what it is?

If there’s one ingredient we have to see (and eat) more of in our pizzas, it’s eggplant.

That’s according to Robin Gosney, general manager of product and innovation at The Zest Group – the people behind Alt. Pizza in Singapore. They just opened their new outlet at Holland Village.

It's bright and welcoming

“I think the long, purple eggplant is under-utilised in pizza,” he states. “There are many vegetarian customers, and we’re always looking at doing something different with vegetables.

“I love eggplant parmigiana, and it’d be great to see a pizza with eggplant on our Alt. menu with the right taste, texture and colour profile,” he adds. “It would have to have our rich vine-ripened tomato pizza sauce, melted mozzarella, roasted garlic, fresh parsley, and a touch of olive oil.” Of course.

Simple, honest and fun

Are they words you’d normally use to describe a great pizza? Robin would.

If not, maybe you should. Let them guide you the next time you order – you might be surprised.

Here’s what else Robin considers and notices in a quality pizza:

#1 It’s balanced and filling

He refers to a favourite at Alt.’s, the Old School.

“I find this sourdough pizza very light in texture, great-tasting, and doesn’t make me feel like I’ve overeaten afterwards,” he says.

“I enjoy it as it often has a light char on the bottom, is crispy and slightly chewy.”

It helps that the pizzas are baked just right in a stone heath oven

#2 The base

“The sourdough pizza base is made with our five-year-old, naturally fermented sourdough pizza starter, then added to more unbleached flour and whole wheat flour to give the pizza a slightly nutty taste too.”

#3 The combination of ingredients

Sometimes a couple of elements is enough to make a tasty pie. For example, the Old School includes “vine-ripened tomato pizza sauce (which is made in-house by our chefs), mozzarella, fresh basil, oregano and aged parmesan cheese,” Robin narrates.

“I can taste all the quality ingredients and smell the fresh basil too. It’s very satisfying.”

And you could always add in some eggplant. 😊

Visit Alt. Pizza at Holland Village to satisfy your pizza craving. They’ve introduced two new pizzas – the Rocketman and Wicked Veg – which will only be available from 19 February to 31 March 2019. You can also choose from a variety of their signature pizzas and pizza combinations, as well as the “Design It Yourself” option.

The Rocketman has salami, roasted peppers and fresh rocket

The Wicked Veg has roasted sweet pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, garlic spinach, parmesan and feta

They offer starters, pasta and dessert – and a new Alt. Lunch Set from 19 February 2019 – too. Follow them on Facebook for updates.