You've probably never had chocolate like this before

Updated: Mar 25

We’ve heard of chocolate with nuts or raisins, but smelt fish and cultivated house crickets?

Introducing Taiga Chocolate – a brand from Finland that creates unique chocolate flavours and flavour combinations. 😊

“Besides the purity of Northern nature, happiness and well-being are the other key themes of our brand,” explains CEO Mirja Palola.

Mirja and Taiga Chocolate are all about positivity

“Through our authentic handcrafted luxury treats, we aim to increase happiness in the world one piece of chocolate at a time. Our chocolates have also been awarded twice in Asia.”

(Their Dark Chocolate With Smelt Fish won “Best Confectionery Product” – and was a “Best Ingredient Innovation” finalist – at the 2019 Asia Food Innovation Awards.)

“All in all, our mission is to introduce to the world the art of the Nordic lifestyle through our extraordinary, handmade quality chocolates.”

Taiga Chocolate is already available in Singapore and Hong Kong. 😊

Not just unusual

We’ve just mentioned their Dark Chocolate With Smelt Fish and Dark Chocolate With Cultivated House Crickets. You’d be surprised at how much you’ll like them.

The Dark Chocolate With Smelt Fish will win you over

“Some people might get a bit shocked when they first see our extreme chocolates, but after they have tasted them, we constantly hear people being utterly, positively amazed (by them),” admits Mirja.

“Taiga Chocolate’s extreme flavours have been called fearless, innovative, adventurous and surprising, but indeed they’re combinations that work. Many have said that it’s not just eating chocolate, but an ultimate taste experience.”

Proof that Taiga Chocolate more than suits the Asian palate? “A Vietnamese girl living in Finland said, ’Even though I have never tasted fish chocolate before, the flavour reminds me of my home country and it takes me back there’,” recounts Mirja.

“Unheard-of savoury flavours are maybe the reasons why we have so many Taiga fans in Asia.”

You have to try the others

Although the above two flavours may be the first ones to catch your eye, Taiga Chocolate has more – and they’re just as exciting.

There’s Dark Chocolate With Reindeer Crisps, Dark Chocolate With Lingonberries, Dark/White Chocolate With Wild Bilberries, and Dark Chocolate With Sea Buckthorn.

They're waiting for you

“Arctic super berries like sea buckthorn berries, bilberries and lingonberries sprinkled on top of the chocolate bar turns each bar into a work of art with their beautiful colours and texture,” describes Mirja.

“But besides being beautiful, Arctic super berries are also extremely healthy, like Nordic nature’s own superfood.”

And in Taiga Chocolate’s case: “Our berries are freeze-dried. Freeze-dry technology is used to retain the original shape and colour of the berries, and 97 per cent of their antioxidants and vitamins,” she relates.

So lingonberry-studded chocolates are much appreciated

“Therefore, Taiga Chocolate is known as a healthy chocolate with numerous health benefits – so you can have a treat without a bad conscience.”

Expect even better

Mirja and her team are always researching, experimenting, and thinking of new flavours to add to their range. Inspiration comes easily when you live in Finland. 😊

“The diversity of Arctic nature and its ultimate purity has inspired Taiga’s unusual flavours and wild combinations,” she agrees.

“We started by adding Arctic super berries on top of high-end quality chocolate. However, we wanted not only to bring the treasures of the Finnish forest to our chocolate bars, but also the coastline, rivers and Nordic hills. From there, the ideas for adventurous flavours were born.

“And yet Arctic nature has so much unused potential in terms of its ingredients. Hence, Taiga Chocolate aims to be a forerunner and take full advantage of all the hidden nutritious gems that people haven’t even considered yet.”

Until then, let’s enjoy some chocolate

We might be tempted to keep Taiga Chocolate all to ourselves, but it’s definitely a treat worth sharing. 😊

After we’ve had our fill, here are some suggestions from Mirja that would help us spread some chocolate love.

Who would be great to give Taiga Chocolate to?

Everyone! “Taiga Chocolate is in a beautiful package, so it is an excellent gift for anyone who appreciates purity, visuality, a delicious taste, and nature at its finest,” says Mirja.

“You could indulge yourself and your loved ones with a beautiful, delicious and healthy gift. As Taiga Chocolate also represents Arctic nature and Finland itself, it is a wonderful gift for anyone who fancies discovering the magic of the Nordic lifestyle.”

The White Chocolate With Bilberries is especially elegant

How do we eat and serve Taiga Chocolate?

“Taiga Chocolate goes perfectly well with a cup of rich premium coffee or a glass of fine red wine,” she recommends.

“We often receive direct messages from our customers about their particular ‘Taiga moments’, and the scale is indeed broad – from weddings to baby showers, picnics to cocktail parties and other gatherings. Taiga Chocolate really fits any occasion. Of course, it is delicious on its own when you want to indulge yourself.”

Can we also use them as ingredients for our recipes?

Yes, definitely. “There are many! For instance, Taiga Chocolate can be used for baking chocolate cakes. For example, in Rocky Road, as you already have your chocolate and berries covered, you just need to add some marshmallows and peanuts. This is definitely our personal favourite! The extreme flavours can also be used as a part of a starter or main course. With Taiga, you can really be creative!”

Dreaming of Finland

All this talk of Arctic nature, the Nordic lifestyle and Finland makes me want to include the country in my bucket list. So I asked Mirja for more information. 😊

“Finland is a hidden gem of Nordics with so much to offer. With four different seasons, it’s a great travel destination to visit throughout the year. There’s glorious Nordic nature, unpolluted Arctic air, peace, silence and a divine food culture; not to mention the Finnish people who are just amazing characters on their own,” she reveals.

“With regards to activities, sauna bathing is definitely the number one thing to try out. Hiking in untouched nature, exploring the wildlife, and tasting the healthy Finnish cuisine are also (good) experiences.

“For urban activities, Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, offers so much to do, from urban nature to festivals, art and design. To learn more, we have also covered some bits in Taiga’s blog.”

Taiga Chocolate is sold at Lazada/Redmart in Singapore, and City Super and Sverige Shoppen in Hong Kong. (Or you can always take a vacation in Finland and get it there.) 😊