Which tart goes well with coffee?

Updated: Sep 24

Or makes a good midnight snack?

Tarts aren’t really on my radar – what with all of the amazing desserts and pastries I usually come across – but I definitely wouldn’t mind having them.

Actually, now that I think about it, I want to have more tarts! Why don’t I order them? Especially after seeing the ones sold by Wunderfolks in Singapore. 👍

You’ve got to try their bestsellers and give me your verdict: There’s the Fruitilicious Mixed Fruit Tart, the Lemony Meringue Tart, the Valrhona Dark Chocolate Tart, and the Lychee Tart. They look luscious and – this is a compliment – simple.

Because by “simple”, we mean you know exactly what you’re getting, and it will likely meet your expectations.

mixed fruit tart
Take that

“My personal philosophy on tarts is to keep it simple and comforting, rather than create flavours that make people question the flavour,” says Vincent Tay, Wunderfolks co-founder and head baker.

“I like it to be familiar and close to the heart. The same goes with us making our tart crust. We make the crust from scratch, so that people get to enjoy the buttery crumb that simply feels like home.”

You’d think a tart is just a tart

But you never forget a good one… or your first one, either.

Vincent, for one, can remember his first tart. “That would be the mixed fruit tart that we used to be able to find at the neighbourhood bakery. (You can still find it there nowadays, but it was a little rarer back then.) Usually it comes in the petite size, which you can finish in a single mouthful,” he describes.

Vincent Tay
Vincent now makes unforgettable mixed fruit tarts of his own

“It had a buttery crust with some vanilla custard and mixed fruit. It gave off a traditional, childhood flavour. I loved it especially when it was chilled and cold, making it the best thing to have next to ice cream!”

It’s safe to say he’s had his fair share of tarts since then. But of course, his tart-tasting opportunities have become even more frequent thanks to Wunderfolks. It’s just a perk of the job. 😉

(By the way, Wunderfolks actually began as a home-based business last year before it became the Joo Chiat takeaway shop that we know today. They call themselves the “home of handmade tarts”.)

Barry the Wunderfolks bear says hi

“Since starting Wunderfolks, we’ve tried many different kinds of tarts – from traditional egg tarts to Portuguese egg tarts to French pastry tarts,” he says.

“We especially enjoy a classic French mixed fruit tart and apple pie,” he adds, what with “the fragrance of the apple and the juicy bits that flow out of the pie when you bite into it.” Tasty.

There’s a tart for everyone

And for almost every need. Vincent can prove it. 😊

Don’t know which tart to get to satisfy your craving? We ask Vincent which one he’d go for when he wants…

#1 An on-the-go breakfast

His choice for this one’s a pie. “Apple pie, because you can have it warm and it’s not too sweet that it’s cloying,” he says.

#2 Something with his coffee

“A nutty tart, such as our Maple Pecan Tart, which you can choose to have warm or chilled. The nutty, toasty flavour goes perfectly well with coffee.”

#3 A wake-me-up

“The Lemony Meringue Tart, for that extra tangy kick to perk me up.”

#4 To be soothed or relaxed

“A classic mixed fruit tart, because it’s comforting and easy on the palate.”

#5 A finishing touch or a perfect end to a meal

“Our Lychee Tart, as it’s light, fragranced and without burden, making it the perfect finish after a whole meal.”

lychee tart
It's pretty too

#6 A midnight snack, or something to end the day right

“That would definitely be the Dark Chocolate Tart. Giving yourself a guilty treat would be the perfect end to a whole day.”

#7 To be transported to another time and place

“That would be the Maple Pecan Tart, since it’s hardy and able to handle the harsh weather better, compared to the other flavours available.”

#8 An amazing gift for someone

“A little bit of everything, which will be a mix of all the flavours. A box contains our Mixed Fruit Tart, Dark Chocolate Tart, Lemony Meringue Tart, Lychee Tart, Sesame Tart, and Maple Pecan Tart. There’s a little surprise with every bite, and there’s a flavour that’s suitable for all at any time of the day.”

box of tarts
I want

#9 To eat authentic

Is there a tart that could make him travel far and wide just to have it? “That will no doubt be the Portuguese egg tart,” he answers. “We might be able to find them locally, but it’s a totally different experience having it right in a Hong Kong teahouse.” 👍

But wait

These suggestions sound pretty great, but what if someone hasn’t had tarts before? Or hasn’t had them lately that they’ve forgotten the taste (like me…), and they have no idea what to order? (It’s possible!) 😁

“‘Where have you been?’ would be the first thing that comes to mind,” says Vincent. “But I will no doubt tell them about my secret stash of amazing tarts, and to visit Wunderfolks.”

What should we look for?

“It really boils down to preference,” he says.

mixed fruit tart and dark chocolate tart
Maybe get half and half?

“We believe in doing our own tart shells so we can ensure freshness; also the proportion of the fillings to the tarts, so there is a balance of flavours. A nice, buttery, crumbly tart shell and fresh ingredients are also things to look out for.”

Balance does play a role in the ultimate tart, tart-tasting, and tart-making experience. “There’s a well-balanced taste profile, where each flavour complements each other well.” Being adventurous and experimental too. “We are looking at more ways to enjoy tarts, such as pies you can enjoy warm; savoury tarts as a meal; as well as local flavours infused into a tart.” And it’s hopefully coming to you soon courtesy of Wunderfolks.

In the end, though, you just have to wing it and trust your senses. Which tart looks good, and draws you in? Pick that.

“The ‘best’ tart is the one that brings comfort and happiness – where everyone who tries it will unknowingly have a smile on their face,” Vincent declares.

We agree. Now who’s up for a tart? 😊

Find Wunderfolks here and on Facebook and Instagram.

You can order their tarts per 8-cm piece; in boxes of four or six 8-cm pieces (and choose the flavours); or as a whole in one flavour or “duo flavours” that’s worth up to eight servings. Wunderfolks also offers gift sets, bulk and corporate orders for celebrations and special occasions.

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