Have this ice cream today and tomorrow just because

Updated: Mar 25

Do we really need an excuse to eat ice cream?

No, definitely not. 😊

Well, I don’t – and the same goes for Wong Peck Lin, co-founder and Chief Milkmaid of Nuude Ice Cream.

Ice cream is Peck Lin's forte

Certified “Healthier Choice” by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board, Nuude Ice Cream is a product of Udders, the local award-winning ice cream brand.

Nuude Ice Cream is made of 100 per cent premium natural ingredients – nothing artificial here – and suits vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets. And compared to other ice cream brands, their single-serve pots offer up to 35 per cent less calories, sugar and fat.

But don’t think for a moment that their flavours lack in, well, flavour. 😁 Far from it.

Just look at how their flavours are named: Dark Chocolate & Cacao Nibs Sorbet, Alphonso Mango & Kaffir Lime Sorbet, Strawberry & Camu Berry, and Vanilla & Goji Berry. You can bet they’re rich, fruity and naturally sweet. 😊

They use French and Belgian dark chocolate...

... Indian Alphonso mangoes...

... Peruvian Camu berries...

... and Tahitian vanilla beans and Tibetan goji berries

So who says ice cream should just be a once-in-a-while thing?

Again, not me, and not Peck Lin.

When does Peck Lin have ice cream? “When I’m super happy or super sad or super stressed! Ice cream is a ‘mood food’, and it’s a delicious way to give myself a quick lift or to celebrate small (and big!) accomplishments,” she admits.

“It’s also a lovely way to spend time with family and friends. Everyone’s enjoying happy food and chatting in the comfort of your own home or a cosy ice cream parlour.”

Although ice cream is already great eaten on its own, there are other ways to enjoy them. Who better to ask than Peck Lin herself? Here are six of her favourite “methods”, and they give her – us! – a chance to savour the taste even longer. 😀

#1 With fresh waffles

“Each mouthful of crispy waffle with a dollop of ice cream is such a treat, especially with the alluring aroma of the waffle. This brings back memories of school days, when there was a lot of time after school to hang out with friends after basketball, enjoying ice cream and laughing over school antics.”

#2 With apple pie

“Nothing quite hits the spot like home-baked apple pie and ice cream. There’s something about apple pie that says ‘comfort food’,” says Peck Lin.

“Ice cream provides that sweet oomph to complement the tartness of the cooked Granny Smith apples in the pie.”

#3 An old-fashioned scoop on a cone

“This is the only way that one can lick the ice cream, rather than use a spoon – and ice cream is one of those foods that tastes best licked slowly off a cone! I’ve had many happy ice cream cones during picnics on the beach, at carnivals and theme parks, so I’ve always associated this with happy times.”

It's convenient and zero waste

#4 In a milkshake

“Burgers and milkshakes are a match made in heaven. With Nuude as a healthier choice, it is a lighter alternative to the usual milkshake – and with superfoods added in, it gives a nice health angle to the milkshake too.”

#5 Presented as a tasting platter

“… with the ice cream served canapé-style and sitting on a bed of dry ice with a smoky effect. These tiny mini scoops of delight will let you try many flavours in small portions without you getting too full,” she maintains.

“It’s wonderful for entertaining guests and as a sweet finish to any hosted dinner. It always generates conversation, because it’s such a unique way to serve ice cream.”

#6 Tucked inside a croissant like a sandwich

“Imagine cold ice cream between the warm folds of a crispy butter croissant. Not a common combination but it works! The contrast of warm and cold, crispy and melty brings out the best in everything.”

All this talk of ice cream makes me want to reach out for one right now. You should, too. You have to. It’s a must. 😊

Nuude Ice Cream in Singapore is available at FairPrice Finest, most Shell Select kiosks, SaladStop! at One George Street, Naiise Iconic at Jewel Changi Airport, and online. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.