Memories of Taipei

Updated: Mar 25

This time last year I was in Taipei, enjoying their food. 😊

My goal was to have a lot of noodles, teas, desserts and street food. And I did. Mission accomplished. 😊 I loved every bite. In fact, I still think about the dishes I had.

These photos are to celebrate that holiday. For some reason I want to. 😊 I remember what I thought and how I felt.

A few tips and observations and lessons:

#1 Sometimes it’s relaxing to go with other people’s plans and just say, “Sure!”

#2 If it looks good, eat it. Check out the night markets. Almost everything looked and smelled good to me, so you can imagine the amount of food I ate. (And to think I don’t even classify myself as a foodie.)

#3 There are times when it’s okay to forget your worries for a while, and just live.

#4 I love to walk. I always realise just how much when I’m outside, and travelling.

#5 I can’t get enough of the milk teas, bubble teas, anything-teas.

Now I need to search for Taiwanese desserts nearby. 😊

Are there certain vacations that stick out for you?