Sydney summer skincare tips from skin expert Melanie Grant

Updated: Mar 25

I’m excited to bring you another post about caring for your skin during your travels, and this time it’s for your (future) trip to Sydney, Australia. :) 

Love the vibe and the view

The great thing about it is I got expert advice from top facialist Melanie Grant! She specialises in clinical and organic facials, bespoke treatments and corrective skin therapies, among others. :) You're welcome. :)


Sydney’s beaches and outdoor attractions beckon from December to February, and it feels great to soak them all in.

“There really is nothing like an Australian summer. Sydney can hit temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius or over, with high humidity and a strong, hot sun,” says Melanie Grant, founder of Melanie Grant Skin Health and the official skin expert for Chanel Australia.

Meet Melanie

But this can have extreme effects on your skin. “The high humidity is great for keeping the skin supple, plump and dewy, and the salt water from the ocean can work wonders for blemish-prone complexions,” she begins.

“However, the harsh sun can wreak havoc on your skin, causing pigmentation, redness, sunburn and loss of collagen if it isn’t adequately protected with a good quality broad spectrum SPF.”

Melanie shares how to find the perfect sunscreen

“Be sure to find a formula that you really like, so you can wear it every single day. Re-apply every four hours. I like Elta MD SPF 46 as it’s lightweight, matte and breathable,” she reveals.

“Also include a vitamin C serum to enhance sun protection and to help prevent free radical damage. Layer the serum underneath your broad spectrum SPF 50 in the morning only.” Go to Skin Care Edit for more of Melanie’s recommendations, serums and creams.

In the meantime, keep up your skincare routine and make just a few tweaks. “Swap your milky cleanser for a gel cleanser, your face oil for a lightweight hydrating serum, or heavy occlusive night creams for a light lotion or gel cream,” she suggests.

Melanie has boutique skin studios in Sydney and Melbourne, Paris, and starting in December 2018, Los Angeles.

Going to Sydney? Melanie shows us how to prep our skin for our flight

Go for a treatment. “I always have a hydrating facial with light therapy before a long-haul flight.”

Boost moisture levels with some choice products. “Once on the plane, I cleanse my skin with Bioderma micellar water – I never wear makeup when flying so this is a quick, easy swipe over with a cotton round,” she says.

“Next, I layer an antioxidant serum underneath a heavyweight moisturiser or cream hydrating mask. The serum protects my skin from free radical damage, and the moisturiser or occlusive mask locks in moisture. Finally, I apply an oil (Chanel Jasmine) to my face, body, hands, feet and hair to keep my skin nourished and supple.”

Tote a facial mist. “I also love to spritz a hydrating mist throughout the flight to refresh my skin and maintain hydration.”

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