It’s the holiday season – bring out the flowers

Updated: Mar 25

They’re the missing piece to your celebration.

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Whatever you think about the holiday season, it’s hard not to feel excited and warmed by it.

And why wouldn’t it? 😊

“When I was a child, Christmas was the only holiday I really looked forward to, as I got to receive presents and also spend time with family and friends,” recalls Noel Tan, the marketing executive of Little Flower Hut in Singapore.

“As I got older, Christmas became more of a nostalgic thing for me to remember the days when I was a happy little child receiving gifts.”

And yet…

… Christmas has now come to mean so much more to Noel, him being in the flower business. 😊

Established in 2010, Little Flower Hut is an online florist entity that offers a wide range of fresh flowers for every occasion. And their flowers come only from reputable farmers.

At Little Flower Hut, customers can choose flowers and flower arrangements according to their tastes and needs. They can also request for customisations if they want their flower arrangements to be simple or intricate, made up of different flowers and colours, turned into a bouquet or a hamper, given specially to one person or many, and more.

What else makes their flower shop the best choice? Their 24/7 and same-day delivery service, of course. And as the holiday season is upon us, we can now shop for their Christmas flowers, trees, hampers and wreaths too, to help our spaces and loved ones feel festive.

Little Flower Hut Singapore
They'll get you into the Christmas spirit

“As a florist, what really excites me is seeing the beautiful Christmas arrangements being sent out to our wonderful customers,” he enthuses.

“Our Christmas arrangements are a little different from our usual arrangements, as they can come with some ornaments and different types of flowers!”

So don’t forget them

We may be thinking about what food to serve for our Christmas feast, what decorations to put up, and our gift list. But talking to Noel (together with their senior florist) reminds us of one important element that would make our celebrations truly complete.

Yes, our flowers! 💐

“Flowers are very versatile. They can be used as gifts and/or decorations even during the holiday season! In many countries, during the Christmas season, flowers like the poinsettia are used to decorate the house, giving the house a more vibrant look with its red leaves. And even though there is no Christmas tree in the house, flowers and wreaths can be used as a replacement to produce the same holiday mood.”

Little Flower Hut Singapore
Red roses would work well too

So when should we start thinking about our flowers for the holiday season?

“In terms of time frame, probably three weeks before the date of the holiday, as flowers tend to sell out fast when closer to the holiday – so do some planning ahead of time!

“Also, when buying flowers, do consider the location you want the flowers to be placed at, so you will know whether the arrangement is too big or small,” he adds.

“Most importantly, have fun choosing your flowers! Although research is important – you’ll discover the different varieties of flowers and what each represents in different cultures, as well as prevent any future disappointments – at the end of the day, if you want hydrangeas over poinsettias for your house decorations, then go for it!”

And if you want to order a lot…

… then go for it too. Because Noel believes you can’t have too many flowers – it’s really up to you. (And if you think about it, the more the merrier.) 😊

You do have to consider a few things. “In order not to make one’s house look like a jungle, you would have to strategise where to place the flowers, the overall colour theme you’re going for, and what you want to achieve with the number of flowers you have,” he emphasises.

“We have seen some of our customers’ houses with more than 10 arrangements (which is a lot for the average Joe), and they still made it work as they know where and what to place in their homes.”

But if you don’t know, don’t fret. Noel shares their top tips for incorporating Christmas flower arrangements in our homes, our preparations, our celebrations, and even as gifts.

#1 Know the layout of your house and where the empty spaces are

“Look around and see if there are any shelves or drawers that can use a little pop of colour! We have got customers previously who wanted a specific sized arrangement for their shelves and we accommodated it, and it turned out perfect!”

#2 When purchasing flowers, do keep an eye out for flowers with colours that can complement your house’s colour scheme

“For example, if your house is generally light in colour, go for a flower with a lighter shade, like pink roses or light blue hydrangeas!”

#3 When gifting flowers, it is best to know what the recipient likes or dislikes

“However, in cases where you are unsure and do not want to ask, getting them common Christmas flowers like poinsettias or white or red roses should do the trick!”

Little Flower Hut Singapore
You can't go wrong with poinsettias

#4 If there is extra space around the flower arrangement, one can consider surrounding the arrangement with some Christmas ornaments or candles to make it look more lively

“The past few Christmases, our florists have suggested this tip to some of our customers and they loved it.”

#5 Have fun when shopping for flowers!

“Do not constrain yourself to picking Christmas flowers for the holidays. Experiment with what you like and see how it will fit in your household! This is especially important, as it promotes learning and training one’s eye to look out of the box when it comes to house decorations.”

Beyond the season

We now have all these wonderful flowers and flower arrangements planned, and it’s totally understandable to wish they could last forever (or even just a bit longer). They do brighten everything up.

“Our senior florist recommends misting them or spraying them with water,” Noel states. “If they are potted, you might want to change the water every three to four days to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.”

And if you want to reuse them, feel free. “One simple tip would be to repot the flowers and place them in a room that needs a pop of colour!” he relates. “Some of our customers have tried repotting our bouquets and placing them in their bathrooms or study rooms.”

That way you’d have a holiday season to remember. 😊 Merry Christmas!🎄

Go to Little Flower Hut’s online shop for more information and to start ordering.

Get more ideas for your Christmas decorations and other flower arrangements on their Facebook and Instagram too.

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