Go on a trip with your best friend – yourself

When you see photos of a really nice resort, do you automatically think, “Oh, that’d be a great place to visit and spend some time alone in”?

The answer would probably be “no” or maybe “I don’t know”… especially if those images include couples, friends and families all smiling and laughing, and basically doing things.

You know, group activities – when all you want to do is get away from it all, focus on yourself, and not have to interact with anyone. (Well, maybe just a little, and at your own convenience.) :)

But before you say “next!”, those three goals I just mentioned might still be possible – if you know where to look.

For starters, there is a beach, which guests don’t own or have a monopoly on. So are the pockets of peace you’ll find in the different areas of a well-designed resort.

There are views you can sigh over all day and lose yourself in.

A prime example

I asked Les Walters, the Director of Activities at Laguna Lang Co in Vietnam, for suggestions. Laguna Lang Co is, after all, stunning, and might be a great choice if you want to go this route.

Makes you want to hop on a plane to get there ASAP, huh?

I’ve divided Les's tips into two categories, so you can choose depending on your mood. :)

If you… are okay to be around people and occasionally mingle

#1 “Attend happy hours and welcome drinks to seek out other like-minded solo travellers.”

#2 “Join in the many activities throughout the day, be it a kayak competition, beach volleyball, archery or community visits.”

#3 “The swim-up bar is a great way to meet outgoing travellers with a similar zest for life.”

#4 “Volunteer your time and skills at a local community project, be it English classes, building or construction projects, or helping out at a farm – all rewarding and great ways to engage with the Vietnamese people.”

If you… want to daydream and mostly DIY

#1 “Visit the Activities/Tour office for available day trips or excursions to the many nearby attractions.”

#2 “Explore the local villages and countryside by bicycle with one of our tour guides.”

#3 “Enjoy sightseeing from a traditional wooden Vietnamese boat, learn to paddle a basket boat, and taste some local fare.”

#4 “Take a day trip to historic Hue and bustling Danang, or visit Hoi An in the evening to witness the famous lanterns.”

#5 “Get out on foot and do some short hikes, be it for the natural beauty and rich history of Bach Ma Mountain, a local waterfall favoured by the locals, or just a walk down a local street market.”

And of course…

#6 “Get out and explore the expansive resort precinct. Take time out to enjoy why you’re travelling solo, read a book on the beach or around the pool, indulge in a spa treatment, or grab a cocktail and soak in the ambience.”

Blue will soon become your favourite colour

After all, “The signature points of Laguna Lang Co would be its idyllic and secluded location, which is perfectly situated between Hoi An and Hue, very close to the famed Bach Ma National Park and its many beautiful features,” Les points out.

Then again, who says you can’t schedule a private romantic dinner in a scenic spot, or anything else stereotypically meant for couples or groups?

It's dinner and a date with nature

You should at least try and see if these options are available. Because solo travels and holidays are also about getting to know yourself, and falling in love with yourself, all over again. :)

Laguna Lang Co is an integrated resort in central Vietnam, with Banyan Tree and Angsana hotels and spas, private villas and residences.

Photos by Laguna Lang Co