This is the kind of glow you want

Updated: Mar 25

If you are tired, stressed, or simply want to relax, light a candle. 😊

It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to lift your mood, as well as liven up your room. (We dare say it’s one of the most affordable too.)

“Candle lighting brings a stunning and utterly sophisticated touch to any occasion,” agrees Vivian Chung, the owner and creator of Artisan of Sense – an ethical and eco-friendly brand of candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and candle accessories in Singapore.

They do look amazing

Her products are natural, lovingly handcrafted, and made with soy wax, therapeutic grade essential oils, and lead-free cotton wicks – elements that work together for an even more enjoyable, sensory experience.

It helps that they’re cruelty-free and preservative-free too.

“From family dinners to gatherings with friends to wedding receptions, candles have long been the perfect décor for creating that special ambience,” she maintains.

So where do we put them?

And how do we arrange them? There are probably no hard and fast rules, but we still want to turn to Vivian for her expert tips.

“Nothing makes a cosy ambience quite like a soft, flickering flame,” she muses.

Then let’s begin.

#1 The entrance and hallway

“I like to put my candles here to create an enchanting vibe.”

#2 On a table

“Candles can also be a pretty centrepiece. They make the dinner special and cosy.”

#3 On a vanity tray

“I’ll add a few candles here and complete the look with fresh flowers.”

Dried ones are a great option too

#4 Near a window

“Pair candles with succulents and keep the arrangement here.”

#5 On top of stacked books on a coffee table

“Bonus points for colour coordination.”

#6 In the bathroom

“It’s what I like the most – placing a few candles here when having a bath after a long day at work.”

What about scents?

There are a lot of scent combinations to choose from. Artisan of Sense, for one, has Citrus.Lavender.Lime, Jasmine.Lily.Neroli, and Grapefruit, Orange & Tangerine, just to name a few.

Imagine your space smelling like this

“I started with a small range of candles, from seven fragrances to 14,” Vivian recalls.

“When I create a new fragrance, I experience hundreds of hours of failure – days, weeks and months of frustration. But every time ‘I made it’, I don’t know how to describe the pure joy inside of me. Receiving positive feedback and seeing repeat customers keep me going.

“So it’s really difficult for me to choose a favourite,” she admits.

“I personally like Lavender.Eucalyptus.Sage, as it’s the first fragrance I made. Until now, it’s one of the bestsellers in my range.”

#1 Think about the occasion

“When you’re choosing a new scent for your home, think about whether it’s for daytime or evening, and the time of year.”

#2 Consider your personality

“How do you want to feel when you light up the candle? It’s not only about what delights our noses, but which parts of our personality we want to reveal, and how we want to feel when we enjoy it – be it sensual, calm, flirtatious, energised or comforted.

“As our moods change, the fragrance we choose can reflect our emotions – and even alter them.”

Which candles should we buy?

For Vivian, it’s simple: Those with “natural ingredients. Shop sustainable, eco-friendly products, which should be non-toxic and chemical-free”.

Are you ready to ignite and admire that gentle flame? 😊

For more on Vivian and Artisan of Sense, visit their site, Facebook and Instagram.