Katie Goes Platinum on the number one issue people have with grey hair

It’s not just an “old-people problem”.

Grey hair will make you look old.

I’ve told myself this many times. So has my hairstylist. And my mum. I’m not offended; I understand. There’s no escaping it.

Or is there? After all, it’s your choice. It’s up to you if you want your gradually greying locks to affect you (or not).

“I think my favourite topic to address has been the fear of looking ‘old’ with grey hair,” says Katie Emery of Katie Goes Platinum. “It’s a very common fear and one that keeps a lot of women dyeing years longer than they wanted to.”

Katie Emery, Katie Goes Platinum, how to go grey
Katie rocking the grey

Katie would know – as the founder of Katie Goes Platinum, she meets people and encounters questions like these a lot.

Katie Goes Platinum is a website where women with grey or greying hair can find tips, tricks, products, salons, personal stories, and other inspiring and practical resources to help them in their journey to “ditch the dye and rock their natural grey hair” at “any age and stage”.

Katie started dyeing her greying hair as a teen, and decided in 2018 that “enough is enough”. She began her grey-hair transition that year and finished it in 2020.

It’s given her a mission. “I also like giving women tips on how to go grey, as it’s easy to get stuck at the beginning of your grey-hair transition,” she adds.

“It’s fun to help other women figure out the best way for them to go grey. It depends a lot on their temperament and what would be easiest for them.

“Going grey is an emotional process due to all the baggage our society places on us as women.”

You can say that again

Refer to the first line above. Yikes.

I mentioned to Katie that when I look at her site, I feel like it’s so comprehensive and complete with its various tips and information about grey hair.

“I’m so glad you feel that way!” she tells me.

Did she ever think that there would be so much to do, write and talk about when it comes to grey hair?

“When I first started my blog, I worried that there wouldn’t be enough to write about, and that I’d run out of ideas,” she recalls. “But every day my list of posts to write grows longer, and I just don’t have enough time in the day to write everything that I want or need to write.

“I do sometimes get a little tired of my subject,” she admits. “When that happens, I take a break from my grey hair Facebook group (Silver Revolution) and hide Instagram for a bit.

“After a short while, my enthusiasm for the topic comes roaring back. I find grey hair endlessly fascinating, so it’s a pleasure to write about it!”

Besides, the questions just keep on coming

Katie constantly receives them, as well as different kinds of feedback. No wonder: “I’ve had a lot more women expressing their enthusiasm for going grey, no matter what age they are, and that’s a great thing!”

It’s also the one thing she’s found that’s been gaining loads of traction. She’s surprisingly (and even pleasantly) been getting asked about it more and more.

So what happened?

“I think the pandemic really helped propel women away from dyeing their hair,” she observes. “They just needed that extra time away from their peer groups (and salons!) to grow out their hair in peace, with no pressure.

“Also, there have been more studies coming out lately about the possible side effects of hair dye, and that has created more interest in the grey-hair movement,” she continues.