4 tours for beginner adventure seekers

Updated: Mar 25

Are you looking for a different kind of travel experience?

I am. 😊

Right now the idea of trekking, cycling and even bird-watching appeals to me. Luckily, this region is full of breathtaking places where we can do some (or all) of these. Planning for it also becomes easy when you join a tour, like what Indotrek offers.

Indotrek specialises in sustainable themed tours in Southeast Asia that will satisfy your thirst for adventure, your love for nature and the outdoors, and your need for a well-deserved and meaningful holiday.

Run by expert guides, their tailored packages include the above activities and more at destinations such as Laos, Borneo, Vietnam and Cambodia, among others. They can also customise an itinerary for you.

Brand manager Adam de Lancey adds that Indotrek aims to be the best adventure tour company in Southeast Asia, where tours will always combine different adventures with local, hands-on and immersive experiences that are unique to that particular area.

Here's Adam after the Coupe de Hue riding event in Vietnam

There’s just one tiny problem

I’ve never gone trekking, cycling or bird-watching in all of my travels. (A little hiking and exploring some nature trails, maybe.) 😬 I’d need some serious prepping before I can go ahead and book that trip.

Have you done something similar to some degree yet still consider yourself a newbie? In that case, this is your chance. Adam recommends four tours for you to try, with some tips in between. (I wish I were you.)

Step 1: Choose

It’s a breeze to pick just one. Not. 😁

#1 The Laos to Cambodia tour

“Over 13 days, this tour goes from Pakse in southern Laos to Siem Reap in northern Cambodia, taking in some of the country’s highlights along the way,” Adam narrates.

“For beginner adventure travellers, it’s the perfect balance of culture and light adventure, bucket-list destinations and off-the-beaten track experiences, comfortable accommodations and tented camps.

“It’s also the perfect way to experience all that Indotrek specialises in, without any particular activity being too strenuous for beginners. The trip also covers some of the most beautiful, natural spots in Southeast Asia that are away from the crowds, so there are guaranteed views for the whole tour.”

Memorable moments: “Trekking in the Bolaven Plateau, kayaking at the 4000 Islands, and camping under the stars at Mt Kulen.”

There's also passing through a jungle

Cycling through the Laos countryside

And taking your time at Laos' 4000 Islands

#2 Meandering Mekong

“A shorter, five-day tour in the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam, this tour is perfect for beginners as the cycling distances are short, the roads are quiet, and it combines culture and soft adventure well,” Adam muses.

“As it’s a short tour, and it begins and ends in Ho Chi Minh City, it’s very easy to tie this itinerary into longer tours that are organised by Indotrek or combined with independent travel. And as you’ll never be too long in the saddle, it’s very comfortable for beginners.”

Memorable moments: “Cycling past the lesser visited floating markets, seeing such a wide range of agriculture, and tasting the fresh fruits of their labours!”

So pedal slower for the views

Like this one

Or this, Vietnam's Notre Dame Cathedral

#3 The Cycling Cruise Cambodia tour

“This 12-day tour is perfect for beginner adventurers who have a slightly higher budget,” Adam declares.

“Half of the tour is luxury cruising, and the other half is a combination of cycling and cultural touring. It’s the perfect way to combine relaxation and adventure, while covering all of the key sights and some quieter spots of Cambodia.

“The combination of cruising and cycling makes it perfect for beginners, as the distances and difficulties are never too high. Moreover, the cycling in this tour can be done by e-bike instead, making it even simpler for beginners.”

Memorable moments: “Relaxing on the deck of the boat and watching the world go by, as well as cycling along the coastal roads to Kep.”

We bet you've never gone on a cruise like this before

Or cycled past a landmark like this either

#4 The Immersive Thailand itinerary

“This is perfect for beginners and those wanting to cover different parts of Thailand,” Adam maintains.

“It covers cultural touring in Bangkok and Kanchanaburi, trekking in Chiang Mai, and kayaking and snorkelling around Phuket and Koh Phi Phi. This means that none of the adventures are too difficult, and there’s a variety in the activities and days for cultural tours.

“It’s a very accessible tour. It’s also a great way to get an overall view of Thailand over 13 days.”

Memorable moments: “Visiting the hill tribes around Chiang Mai and the spectacular beaches of the south.”

In Thailand you'll be surrounded by greens

And blues

Step 2: Prepare

A few reminders and you’re good to go. 😊

#1 Relax and let Indotrek do the hard work for you

“These off-the-beaten-track adventure tours are both difficult to research and operate. We have done the research for you, and on our trips we include all the support you might need, such as bike mechanics, support vehicles, comfortable transport and facilities for camping,” Adam stresses.

#2 Bring cycling shorts

“Even in 2019, there seems to be no such thing as a comfortable bike saddle, so make your trip much more comfortable with a pair of padded cycling shorts.”

#3 Leave enough time before your trip to apply for the necessary visas

“These vary from country to country depending on where you’re visiting and your nationality. Some are more complicated than others. You don’t want to be turned away before even getting on your flight.”

#4 Engage with and respect the local communities

“This may include your guides, hotel staff, drivers and local village members. There is so much to learn from these people, so proactively interact with them and respect their cultural differences. Some of the best experiences and memories you’ll take away will be from the local people you meet, even if it’s simply waving to the local children as you cycle past.”

#5 Disconnect

“Of course, take photos and let loved ones know you’re safe, but aim to let your mind relax and simply enjoy where you are in at that moment.”

#6 Follow the Indotrek packing list

Get more details here.

Step 3: Have fun

That’s the point of it all. The journey will help clear your mind and remind you of the things that matter. Plus it’d be a shame not to appreciate all of that amazing scenery.

I’m already jealous. 😊

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