It's Peru on a plate

Updated: Mar 25

Have you ever tried Peruvian cuisine? No? Well, you probably should. :)

I’ve been curious about it ever since I heard the news that ICHU Peru was set to open in Hong Kong.

Now that it has, and is offering lunch on weekdays, means that some of us don’t even have to go far to get a taste. The restaurant features two- to three-course set menus, as well as an a la carte menu, to satisfy our curiosity and palate.

Hmmm... It's tough to choose...

So what makes up Peruvian flavours?

“ICHU pays tribute to the rich biodiversity of Peru; the cuisine reflects a melting pot of cultural influences and is know for its light and fresh flavours,” says ICHU Peru’s Chef Virgilio Martinez, who is also behind Central restaurant in Lima, Peru. ICHU Peru is his first eatery in Asia.

“At the restaurant, we showcase authentic dishes in a comfortable and relaxed environment, similar to what you’d experience at the cevicherias or casual restaurants in Lima.”

Lovely meal + comfy interiors + nice view

“Our concept for ICHU is to create traditional dishes using Peruvian ingredients,” he adds.

“In the kitchen, we work with different varieties of potatoes, corn and limes that are from Peru, as well as Amazonian fruits and plants. But most of the ingredients will be sourced locally or from around the region.”

So if we had to choose the one dish that best represents Peruvian cuisine at the restaurant, what would it be?

“Ceviches with fresh seafood are a Peruvian staple – our Ceviche Clasico at ICHU uses snapper marinated with lime juice and is served with sweet potato, choclo and toasted cancha, two different types of Andean corn,” relates Chef Martinez.

It's ceviche like you've never had before

But then there’s so much more to try. “The dishes are made to share, and I’d encourage guests to come with an open mind to try everything.”

Oh, we will. :)

Here's their Quinoa Salad...

... and Tres Leche

ICHU Peru is at 3F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong; tel: +852 2477 7717;