7 familiar (and not-so-familiar) horror-movie settings to sink your teeth into

Updated: Mar 25

Who says you can’t celebrate Halloween early? Universal Studios Singapore is staging its eighth Halloween Horror Nights from 27 September to 31 October 2018, where they’ve meticulously prepared five haunted houses, three live shows, and two scare zones for you to explore on select nights. The theme is “Infinite Fear“ after all. Yipee.

It made me think of the spots where terrible things in movies usually take place, as they’ve come up with a good balance of typical and not-so-typical ones. But I bet either will still spook you. Or at the very least give you and your family and friends a good time. 😊

Can you guess which ones will make you jump and scream? (And maybe laugh in surprise too? Or squeal in embarrassment?) Enter at your peril then. (Because I probably would.) 😊

#1 A lab

Do you want to get abducted and experimented on? Does anyone? I don’t think so.

Universal Studios Singapore boasts its first ever TV show tie-up, and it’s with the Netflix hit Stranger Things. The Hawkins National Laboratory is just one of 12 rooms in the Stranger Things haunted house.

Welcome, indeed

#2 The territory of a secret society of vampires

You obviously know what you’re up against with the words “secret” and “vampires”. 😊

I understand the Killuminati haunted house is interactive and designed to mislead you, so you might end up in secret rooms. Better watch where you’re going then… if you can.

Really, now

#3 The site of a murder

Of course. If you cheated on your wife and poisoned her, would you be surprised to find out that she wants to get even? Catch Lady Oiwa from Japan’s Edo period do just that (while she tries to scare you out of your wits) at The Haunting of Oiwa haunted house.

There's a ghost and you're walking towards it

#4 A village

Not just any village – it should be one where a “long-haired female vampiric ghost”, otherwise known as the Pontianak of Malay folklore, lives. (See spectre below.)

At the Pontianak haunted house, she relates her origins and life story amidst banana trees (where she hangs out) and laundry (where she preys on her victims). Hmmm.

Are you looking at me?

#5 Any place with a tribe of cannibals

Because horror scenes need something bloody and gory, and in this case a human sacrifice is it. Lose your head at the Cannibal scare zone and the Blood & Bones show.

#6 A hospital

A psychiatric hospital, that is. (What else?) Expect Eight Lake Psychiatric Hospital’s patients to eerily roam the halls of… the Hollywood Lagoon Stage, as they star in the Scaremony show. 😊

#7 A coaching seminar

This is likely more entertaining and comedic than horrific, but I just had to add it in. Who wants to go to a boring coaching seminar? It's enough to make even the best of us run away screaming. 😊

But this is different. What’s a Motivational Death Coach, you may ask? Apparently, it’s someone who knows how to best creep people out. Gideon Grim is one, and he’ll explain it all plus his tricks at the DEAD Talks show at the Pantages Hollywood Theatre.

Well, there you go. 😊 The whole event feels like a great way to startle us out an ordinary day, or out of our melancholy or lethargy. It's Halloween! I'm game. 😊

Check their site for details, tickets and other highlights.

Photos by Resorts World Sentosa