A taste of Hong Kong with Chef May Chow

Updated: Mar 25

You may be tempted to check out Hong Kong’s most popular attractions and eat its most famous foods – and you’d be right to. But I’d like to hear what a chef living in the city has to say too.

So I asked Chef May Chow of Little Bao and Happy Paradise. :)

May can tell us where to go

I interviewed her in 2017 for Smile magazine, after she won Asia’s Best Female Chef. But it was more of a travel piece, and I was just given one page. (I still loved writing it, though.)

Fresh off her win as Asia's Best Female Chef

I didn’t really get into her favourite spots and activities in Hong Kong.

But that’s okay, because now I can. :) Want a simple yet different kind of Hong Kong holiday (or staycation)? We can use her special memories as inspiration, and her best experiences as a guide.


#1 Look for a steaming bowl of comfort food

May recalls “having claypot rice on the street during winter season, because it’s delicious. It does for me for what it does to some people – like getting hot chocolate during winter. So heartwarming.”

#2 Street vendors = tasty meals

“When I was a kid, I’d watch old men still using charcoal in pushcarts to make egg waffles on the streets.”

#3 Try something new with the family

“I remember when my parents took me to a fancy teppanyaki restaurant, and I was amazed by the food and the chef.”

#4 Treat yourself to top restaurants (they’re worth it)

“All the recent Chinese food experiences, like Xin Ron Ji, Seventh Son, The Chairman, 102 House in Guangzhou, and the Wynn Palace with Chef Tam blew my mind.”

#5 Consider a chef or cuisine you admire

For example: “Belon, because Daniel Calvert is the kind of chef that obsesses on perfection and is of a certain caliber. Combined with youth that’s so exciting, because it’s just the beginning.”


#1 Go where the artists and thinkers meet

“When I first went to Wontonmeen hostel, Patricia, the owner, made me realise that there were so many local creatives in Hong Kong.”

#2 Travel back in time

“When I worked at Yardbird, it was an era where Hong Kong restaurants exuded lifestyle and cool, and would compete with any restaurant in the world.”

#3 Learn from an expert

“When I worked at Bo Innovation, Chef Alvin (Leung Jr) showed me that Chinese food was able to play on the world stage. His global recognition inspired me to look at the possibilities of showcasing my culture through food.”

#4 Attend events and visit places unique to the city

“My first pop-up at Island East Markets and Clockenflap music festival was hard and challenging, but I’m so happy that my career starting point happened alongside amazing people who were creating differences in culture with regards to music, sustainability, and the local food movement.”

#5 Celebrate with loved ones

“My family came to Pink Dot to support Little Bao, and was surrounded by a positive LGBTQ awareness event in Hong Kong.”

Of course, don’t forget to check out May’s unique and modern take on Chinese cuisine at her restaurants. :)