Planning your next holiday? Pick Hainan Island and Haitang Bay

Updated: Mar 25

What do you know about Hainan Island and Haitang Bay? 😊

In my case, nada. Zilch. Which makes it the perfect getaway, in my opinion. It’s always good to go someplace new and unfamiliar.

Actually, I do know something about Hainan Island and Haitang Bay (aside from them being located in the southern part of China) – but only a little bit. (And only now after I’ve Googled them.)

From what I’ve seen and read, Hainan has amazing tropical forests, scenery and greenery, beaches and resorts.

Haitang Bay I came across because of The Sanya EDITION, a luxe hotel that promises stunning ocean views.

Let’s see: Sanya is a city at the southern tip of Hainan Island. Haitang is one of Sanya’s bays, and you’ll find The Sanya EDITION there.

(Okay, I hope I got everything right.) 😊

But there’s more, of course. “Hainan Island is a mecca of great natural beauty, with an abundant variety of activities that range from cultural escapades to outdoor adventures,” says Edward Yuan, general manager of The Sanya EDITION.

Mr Yuan will be our expert and guide

It sounds great already. 😊 To inspire us to choose, visit and explore Hainan Island and Haitang Bay, I asked Mr Yuan to list his favourite experiences and attractions. (Because hanging out at the beach and hotel is good, but we do need to get out and do more.)

Let’s start with Hainan

#1 Nanshan Temple

“It’s an iconic spot to visit in Sanya. The temple is famous for its 108-metre-tall statue of the Bodhisattva Guan Yin, which is widely known as the third tallest statue in the world,” he relates.

Bodhisattva Guan Yin (Photo by Denny Ryanto on Unsplash)

#2 First Market

“It’s the most popular seafood market in Sanya, where you can find the freshest daily catch and produce within numerous stalls daily. Locals and visitors alike can pick their seafood of choice before requesting nearby restaurants to cook up fantastic meals.”

#3 The Rainforest Park at Yanoda

“It’s perfect for nature lovers. Rated a 5A scenic spot by the Chinese tourism board, the park is acclaimed for its extensive native flora. Visitors can take to the hiking trails, which lead to breathtaking lookouts and picturesque waterfalls. Adventurous travellers can partake in activities such as zip-lining and abseiling down a short rockface.”

#4 Betel Nut Heritage Park

“The park is dedicated to Hainan Li and Miao minority cultures, and showcases the handicrafts and heritage of Hainan Island’s earliest original inhabitants. A very family-friendly and educational place to visit, it’s perfect for those who enjoy immersing themselves in regional culture and hunting for unique souvenirs.”

#5 Scout the local area

“… by sailing to some beaches with the Yalong Bay Yacht Club! The experienced captains know the best beaches and ideal spots for snorkelling, where visitors can take selfies underwater with vast tropical marine life.”

Getting excited?

Let’s move on to Mr Yuan’s favourites in Haitang Bay. 😊

“In my opinion, Haitang Bay is the hidden gem of Sanya, quietly tucked away on the south side,” he muses.

“Haitang Bay has a half-moon shaped beach and is still relatively unknown to tourists. The beach has a gradual incline, which makes it the ideal location to learn surfing and to catch waves in China.

“Activities such as kayaking, snorkelling and trying local restaurants provide guests with the most authentic opportunity to understand Hainan Island’s beach culture,” he maintains.

Ready for more? 😊

#1 Just Space

“Personally, I enjoy visiting Just Space, a multi-purpose art facility located within The Sanya EDITION,” he states.

“Just Space consists of four art galleries where we regularly collaborate with local or foreign artists of different genres to host exhibitions and forums. It’s a serene hideaway where art can truly be appreciated and integrated into our daily lives, enriching the overall travel experience.”

#2 Sky Bar

“It’s a rooftop bar at The Sanya EDITION with an infinity pool. Feel free to go for a dip with a drink in hand and admire the views. The Sky Bar oversees Haitang Bay as well as the magnificent Private Ocean.”

(This is the Private Ocean he’s talking about. ↓)

#3 Haichang Fantasy Town

“China’s first immersive ocean-themed entertainment complex, it’s located along the coastline of Haitang Bay. The property integrates cultural tourism, leisure, entertainment and innovation, providing the ultimate visitor experience in Hainan. The diverse cuisine and scenic shopping area here will satisfy any visitor.”

#4 Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Complex

“Not only is shopping at Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Complex always fun, it’s only 1km away from The Sanya EDITION. The biggest duty-free mall in the world, it spans 775,000 square feet with approximately 300 international brands. The abundance of trendy stores, spacious plazas and iconic architecture has caused it to become my favourite indoor destination to visit for leisure.”

#5 Houhai Village

“Another highlight would be Houhai Village, which is a short 15-minute drive from The Sanya EDITION,” he concludes.

Convinced? Let’s go then. 😊

The Sanya EDITION is at No. 100 North Haitang Road, Sanya, China 572013; tel: +86 (0) 898 8835 9999. They’re offering three family-friendly summer packages for stays during August 2019. Visit their website for details; you can also go to @editionhotels on Facebook and Instagram.