Where to find your next favourite wine

Updated: Mar 25

If you want an introduction to the world’s top wines and sake all in one place, go to The Great Wine & Dine Festival in Singapore on 11 and 12 October 2019.

They’re featuring over 400 wines and sake (as well as amazing food), so it’s bound to be a treat for your taste buds.

It’s also an excuse for you to relax and chill, and to chat and meet with people, over a good drink. I have a feeling we all need it at the moment. 😊

(And since the holidays are drawing near, we can choose and decide which wines to serve at our year-end feasts too.)

If the festival had road signs, I think they would point you to these events and areas. I for one would follow them. 😁 So let’s take a break and do!

#1 The inaugural Wine Pinnacle Awards

Although the gala dinner on 10 October 2019 is by invitation only, you’ll still be able to sip the nominees’ wines during the festival and masterclasses.

Here's a selection

And if it feels a bit overwhelming, the organisers have conveniently listed the top five nominees in over 20 categories, which can serve as your guide. 😊 (Click here.)

First, you can go by year and vintage, from 1996 to 2009, or by “Best Recent Release” if you want to be updated.

Or how about by region or country? You can discover something new and distinct from Australia, France and Italy under “Hidden Treasure”.

There’s also a “Best Chinese Red”, so you can finally get a drink from China’s vineyards if you already haven’t. There’s even a “Best Organic/Natural Wine of the Year” and “Best Friend of the Earth (Most Environmentally Conscious)” for those who seek greener choices.

Surprise yourself by sampling the nominees under “Black Swan of the Year” as well, which is supposed to be the “Most Thought-Provoking Wine”. (I wonder what kind of thoughts and ideas will come up once you’ve had a taste. 😉)

#2 The masterclasses

Somehow, you appreciate a drink so much more when you learn its origins and how it’s made. 😊 (Or maybe it just gives you another excuse to enjoy it for longer and with other people.)

What’s the difference between Old World and New World wines? Do you really know everything about the Pinot Noir? What makes Japanese grapes the best of the bunch?

These will be held on 11 and 12 October 2019 by wine masters, sommeliers and influencers, and will only have 25 attendees or tickets available per class. Nice.

#3 The Japanese zone with its range of craft sake

These breweries are worth checking out, especially since it’s their sake’s debut in Singapore.

#4 Nice restaurants

It’s a wine-and-dine festival, after all. 😊

See which wines are paired, and paired well, with dishes from participating eateries such as table65, Fratelli Trattoria and Teppan by Chef Yonemura, and a special pop-up of Lobsterdamus from LA. (Maine lobsters with wine? Mmmm…)

table65's Roast Duck Breast with Berries, Sauce Royale and Oxalis

Fratelli Trattoria's Focaccia Genovesa, Burrata, Pomodoro e Prosciutto

Teppan by Chef Yonemura's Smoked Duck Miso Rice Cake

And Lobsterdamus' Lobster Fries, Lobster Nachos, and Grilled Lobster with Garlic Noodles

#5 The wine experts

I’m not sure if guests and visitors will have a chance to talk to them or get their input, but it could be worth a try? 😊

The Wine Pinnacle Awards committee is made up of Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, and wine professionals such as Jeannie Cho Lee, Kenichi Ohashi, Doug Frost and Oz Clarke. They’ll also be conducting masterclasses. You’ll come across oenophiles, wine makers, wine enthusiasts, and the plain wine-curious too.

Or you can just turn to the person next to you and strike up a conversation. I would. You should! 😉

The Great Wine & Dine Festival at the Resorts World West Ballroom, Resorts World Sentosa will be open to the public on 11 and 12 October 2019. Get your tickets here.

Photos by Resorts World Sentosa