Granola, and other tweaks to your breakfast and snacks

Updated: Mar 25

Do you consider granola a breakfast item?

Me, not really. I’ve never had it for breakfast, but I do remember having a bar or two in my bag in case I go hungry while I’m out – and there’s no food or restaurant to be found. (Or I’m too lazy to hunt around for one.)

But in my search for new breakfast staples, I’ve come to look at the possibilities of granola again. Plus the fact that I stumbled upon The Edible Co and their tasty treats. 😊

Established in 2014, The Edible Co is a brand of healthy and guilt-free granolas and snacks in Singapore. Their signature and bestselling granola products include the Coconut Gula Melaka Granola and Cranberry Almond Granola. They also have activated nuts, biscotti and cookies.

These are all lovingly made by hand from natural ingredients, and are free from added sugars, preservatives and flavourings.

Get their products in bundles or packs, and their granola via subscription service too.

Many ways with granola, if you want it every day or every week

Li Lihui, The Edible Co’s owner, suggests two other ways for us to eat and enjoy granola “other than (having it) with milk, yogurt and eating it on its own”.

“Use it as a topping for salads, porridge and desserts (like ice cream!),” she advises. “You can also use granola to coat pies, muffins and bread during baking.”

Morning boost

But back to breakfast. Other than incorporating granola, what makes a good and memorable breakfast?

“(It should be) sufficient in energy and nutrition to get you started for the day, and preferably easily digestible so that you won’t feel lethargic mid-day,” Lihui says.

It’s about the experience too.

“I interpret breakfast as something you ‘eat’ for yourself; lunch as something you eat socially (with friends or colleagues); and dinner as something you eat with your family and loved ones. So it’s really important to love yourself right and eat the best breakfast that you can have!”

Here are Lihui’s top breakfast experiences and elements to inspire us every morning. (She includes granola, of course.) 😊

#1 Go green

“Waking up to a glass of green juice perks you up instantly, and gets you prepared for a productive day ahead!”

#2 Reach for the granola

“A weekday routine of granola with Greek yogurt sets your priorities right for the work week.”

#3 Coffee!

Order “good artisanal coffee with a healthy breakfast for those difficult days”.

Your favourite juice or plant-based milk will work well too

#4 Take advantage of what’s in front of you

Like “the hotel buffet breakfast, just because your room comes with it while travelling!”

#5 Pamper yourself

“Occasionally a champagne brunch with loved ones is one of life's best indulgences,” she muses.

For the in-between

What if breakfast (or any meal in the morning) is a luxury for some of us? There’s no time, we’re on a budget, we’re not hungry, there’s no food at home…

We can go for a snack.

Snacking is not just an afterthought, not if you don’t want it to be. It can be pleasurable and a highlight of our day. 😊

“To elevate your snacking experience, I’d say eat healthier and with great variety and taste,” Lihui relates.

“The Edible Co has snacks made healthier with the choice of ingredients added in. We don’t use refined sugars in our products, for example. Our snacks also range from activated nuts that provide good fats and minerals that’s easily digestible by your body, to Italian biscottis and superfood-enriched cacao nib crunches.

“Healthy snacks in between light meals actually help in weight management and mood elevation,” she concludes.

But there’s one other detail we forgot that would make our breakfast and snack time even more special. That’s when we share it with loved ones.

“Our products make really good gifts as well, and especially during the festive or this trying period,” Lihui maintains.

“Send a healthy ‘care pack’ to your friends and loved ones who you can’t meet more often to show them you care.” ❤️

What kind of breakfast or snacks are you having today? I already have a few ideas. 😊

For more on The Edible Co, check out their site, Facebook and Instagram.

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