Why you should surprise someone with flowers

​​What can brighten up someone's day?

Flowers. :)

So do you really need a reason to buy them, give them, or have them yourself? Absolutely not.

“Flowers aren’t merely natural artworks and beauties. They are also essential to Mother Nature, helping to remove carbon dioxide and toxins in the air,” says Valerie Keng, the sales and marketing executive of Floral Garage Singapore, a florist you can go to for fresh and affordable flowers.

“Flowers also carry enormous symbolism, provide soothing sympathy, and are an integral part of many of life’s events. They bring a sense of peace and beauty to people, and are often used to make something look aesthetically pleasing.

“There are also many meanings to flowers, hence it makes it easier to express your thoughts and feelings through them,” she concludes.

Well, it turns out we don’t need an occasion to appreciate them either. (Which is great.)

Valerie’s 5 reasons why we should give flowers just because

Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Christmas… it doesn’t have to end there, according to Valerie. Whether you’re having a good or a bad day, the giver or the recipient, flowers are always welcome. You may be surprised. :)

#1 “Flowers can be gifted to show appreciation to anyone, be it a family member, a spouse, friends, colleagues, or even a random stranger.”

#2 “Sending flowers to someone can be considered thoughtful. Just because you randomly thought of someone doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it.

“Sending a text may be sufficient to some, but why not go the extra mile and send some flowers instead? It will definitely bring a smile to the recipient.”

#3 “Many people tend to send flowers to apologise to their loved ones. Flowers can also represent sincerity.”

Who can say no (or stay mad) to this?

#4 “Cheer someone up!”

#5 “Flowers can be an alternative to chocolates if your partner is on a diet. We actually do get a few customers who buy bouquets for their dieting partners, with just one chocolate in the bouquet.”

Why not turn the tables around?

There are also flowers for every tradition, budget and recipient.

“Let’s take Father’s Day, for example,” Valerie observes. “Many people to tend to give flowers to their mother on Mother’s Day; however, not many are open to the idea of giving flowers to their father on Father’s Day. This is most likely due to gender norms, and honestly, flowers do not represent femininity. I hope we will get rid of this stigma soon, and give flowers to both females and males.”

Imagine dad's reaction when he receives this :)

And don’t forget, worthy causes and organisations benefit from flowers too. Floral Garage Singapore is involved in quite a few.

“We occasionally participate in charitable and non-profit projects, such as running workshops for the needy and raising funds,” she relates. (For details on their partnership with World Vision Singapore to provide health services, childhood education and feeding programmes in Syria – and how you can help – click here.)

Floral Garage Singapore also sponsors bouquets for events

As an animal lover and owner of two dogs, Valerie is glad that Floral Garage Singapore is looking out for animal shelters as well.

“We support OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter) through our special dog floral arrangement, Doggy2!, and we also sponsor OSCAS and Purely Adoptions with flowers during their events. We are currently working on a new special cat floral arrangement to collaborate with Purely Adoptions,” she maintains.

A perfect pick-me-up for your fellow dog lovers that also helps an animal shelter

“So far we have raised funds for both, and we are doing our very best to help support and raise awareness for them.”

Ready to order

Now that you know whose day and life it is you want to change, it’s time to go over the flower selection. There are a lot of flowers to choose from, and you might understandably feel overwhelmed and confused. Valerie’s tips?

#1 “Flower stems should always be firm and study.”

#2 “Choose flowers that are in season – some flowers are always available, like roses and gerberas, but some are not.”

#3 “Always ask your local florist for recommendations, as they know which flowers are in season and have the best and freshest quality.”

Still stumped? You can rely on Valerie’s favourites, for starters. “Personally, I really love dried or preserved flowers. They are really easy to keep and will last for a decade,” she reveals.

“I’d also prefer the hydrangea as it represents gratitude, grace and beauty. It is also considered a premium flower!”

A really, really pretty hydrangea bouquet :)

So what are you waiting for? :)

Floral Garage Singapore is at 756 Upper Serangoon Road, #03-34 Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, Singapore 534626; tel: +65 6282 2813; email: service@floralgaragesg.com.

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