5 ways to stick to your fitness goals

Updated: Mar 25

We’re a few days into 2020. 😊

I bet one of the first things you thought of (or agonised over) was how far you went with your fitness goals this past year.

Well, I did. 😬

How healthy – or unhealthy – were you?

Let’s stop right there

Because we need to focus on the present and not get stuck in the past. How do we get ourselves out of this mindset so we can move forward?

“I am a firm believer in fitness as a lifestyle. When we realise that change has to start from within, that’s where the magic unfolds,” says Lucas Lim, a former Singapore Beach Volleyball National athlete turned actor, dancer, Manhunt winner and personal trainer.

Lucas can be your guide

Only then, he continues, will we “start believing that our fitness goals are possible”.

“With that belief, we will do what is necessary to make things happen. Whether it is sleeping early so that we can clock our fastest morning workout, sacrificing gatherings to hit the gym, or even resisting that strong urge to snack, we will be ready and motivated to do it,” he maintains.

“Once the intrinsic motivation is set, it’s now about getting the right coach, community and support to carry you through. Professional athletes can never achieve their results by working alone. They are supported by a dedicated team. Find a professional who can relate, educate and drive you towards your goals.”

It just so happens we already know someone

Lucas runs his own fitness company, FITLUC, and he will be speaking at “Get That Fit Look!” – a free seminar under Hotel G Singapore’s G Talk series – on January 15, 2020.

Learn something new at G Talk

“I’ll be sharing my fitness journey, what FITLUC is about, some myths and facts about exercise, and important tips on how to set your fitness goals right,” he enthuses.

And what about sticking to those goals? If you already have some in mind and want to get going even before Lucas’ talk, he offers these tips. (Because we may find it easy to set goals, but actually keeping to them is another thing entirely.)

Ready and…

#1 Train hard, train smart

“Putting in the work doesn’t necessarily bring you results if your programme is not structured towards your goals,” Lucas states.

“For instance, you can follow the safe training advice of light weights and cardio, but do not expect significant changes in your body especially if you have been doing it for a while. I have many clients who once had that mentality, but they eventually became tired and wanted to break out of their plateau. Training should never feel mundane. It should be fun and productive!”

#2 Trust the process

“Just like anything in life, some people just have it better than others. We cannot and should not compare. Instead, we should channel that belief and focus on ourselves. Celebrate mini milestones, seek professional help if necessary, understand that good things never come easy. We just have to put in the work and trust the process.”

#3 Have courage against adversity

“We try, try and try. And sometimes we fail. We can choose to give up and come back stronger. This theory really applies to training too! It takes courage to push your boundaries repetition after repetition. When it hits that last few reps, it boils down to how badly do you want it,” he relates.

“Another big test comes when we hit a low point. It might be a plateau, an injury or distractions in life. We have to reignite that passion for training. This mindset can be reinforced through constant mental training so that we will be optimistic and summon that courage to keep going in the face of adversity.”

Everyone at Hotel G Singapore's gym is cheering for you

#4 Remember why you began in the first place

“I face this a lot as a personal trainer. Clients always start with that burning desire and somehow, over time, life always gets in the way and they subconsciously stray away from their goal,” Lucas observes.

“As their personal trainer, I have been through the journey with them. Hence, I will bring up previous accomplishments and give due credit. It is important to be aware of your achievements no matter how small, as all these steps tell the story of your journey in fitness. After realising how much you have been through, would you want to waste all your effort and just give up?”

#5 Get a personal trainer

“Just like seeing a specialist doctor when you have a specific condition, there is always a professional who knows better. In this context, every movement you execute or weight that you lift directly affects your body – so it is of paramount importance to do it right.

“A personal trainer will guide you in every step of your journey. They will understand you inside and out – specific injuries, health conditions, fitness level, foundation, programming, diet, what drives you. All you have to do is follow and put in the work. It is an investment in yourself. Many people procrastinate or follow YouTube videos, etc to no avail, before finally deciding to try out personal training.”

“Don’t waste your precious time”

His advice doesn’t just apply to or work every time January rolls around. Lucas encourages us to take that step, and the next, even if they’re small ones – regardless of date or month or time. We’ll get there. 😊

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