Is it your first time at a zero waste shop?

Updated: Mar 25

It may even turn out better than what you had expected (or imagined).

UnPackt, for one, is bright, airy, spacious and welcoming, for starters 😊

Just listen to all the good things many customers have said about UnPackt, Singapore’s first ever zero waste lifestyle store. Florence Tay, the co-founder and co-owner, relays a few.

“‘It’s a unique store in Singapore’ and ‘It’s very practical to shop and buy the food and amount you need’,” she recounts.

It’s not surprising, given that UnPackt offers a range of affordable, environmentally friendly products. There’s food and other grocery items, homeware, toothbrushes and soaps, stainless steel straws, and more.

And as Florence mentioned, you only buy what you need – you fill your container with your chosen food item, weigh it, and then pay for it. Easy.

But there’s more: “UnPackt is also a registered social enterprise in Singapore, where we provide employment opportunities to seniors and single mothers,” she explains.

“We also try to support fair trade and locally made products.”

Co-founders Jeff Lam and Florence Tay are here to help

A productive shopping experience

Can you guess Florence’s favourite feature at UnPackt?

“It’s the bulk bins that dispense food items from the dispenser, as they dispense food from the First In First Out System (FIFO), thus keeping the stocks fresh,” she says.

You can admire their simplicity and efficiency while you get the hang of things. Florence guides us on how to prepare for our first visit to the store, how to shop wisely, and how to make the most out of our time there.


“Check out the selection of items that UnPackt carries under the Notes section.”


“Look inside your pantry and see which items you need to top up on.”


“Plan the containers according to the amount you need.”


“You may consider keeping your existing packaging with ziplock seals for light transportation.”


“Come for a visit with an open mind,” and…


“Approach our friendly staff on duty if you need more information on the products, such as storage tips or cooking tips in-store.”

Feel free to stay longer. 😊

UnPackt is at 6 Jalan Kuras, Singapore 577724, and 6A Shenton Way, #03-05 Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068815. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.