Simple (and satisfying) ways to enjoy crab

Updated: Mar 25

You know there’s a special occasion when you see this crustacean on your dining table. 😊

But even if there isn’t, no one will blame you if you feel like there should be – because having crab is special. It’s meant to be shared, and celebrated. You look forward to it. It’s the highlight of any meal.

So it’s your duty to cook and eat it right. 😊

No worries if you’re a bit clueless on the cooking part (like me). Pince & Pints in Singapore has just launched five new crab dishes that you can only get from its Duxton Road outlet.

And we must say, they look pretty delectable.

You can have the Whole Steamed Crab with Egg White on its own

Or pair it with Crabmeat Fried Rice for even more crab

Now all you have to think about is what to order and how many – as well as how to reach every nook and cranny of each Sri Lankan mud crab so that you end up feeling full and happy.

We have Toni Rose V Samson, the restaurant manager of Pince & Pints at Duxton Road, for that. Her suggestions might sound easy and straightforward, but we bet there’ve been times when you’ve forgotten to do them.

Toni aims to up our crab-eating skills

If you’re thinking of preparing it yourself at home down the road, she shares some tips as well. You’re welcome. 😊

#1 Keep it clean

“Personally, I prefer to enjoy crab in its natural sweetness with minimal seasoning,” Toni admits.

#2 Two steps are enough

“One of my personal favourite ways to prepare crab is to steam it, then add some coconut milk. It’s a surprising ingredient that really brings out the flavour of the crab,” she adds.

#3 Always use your hands

“Eating crab is hardly an elegant affair, and I believe that you should get your hands dirty if you want to truly enjoy this seafood.”

#4 The fork too

The crab fork, we mean.

“Don’t forget one of the most helpful tools that can help you get to every inch of meat, especially from the smaller areas like the legs,” she points out.

#5 Choose your methods wisely

“Flavour plays a very big part in any crab dish, since it’s a dish where every inch can be savoured – from the sauce to the body of the crab, even down to the accompanying carbs,” she observes.

“For example, pairing chilli crab with mantou or steamed rice can result in two very different experiences.”

Mantou or rice with your Whole Chilli Crab? Who says you can't have both?

#6 It needs a drink

“I’d also recommend that you complement your crab with a good glass of white wine or beer to complete the experience,” she concludes.

The Whole Grilled Crab comes with fries and salad too

Last but not the least, take your time. You can’t rush crab. 😊 That is, unless you’re so excited you can’t wait to gobble it all up.

(Plus you still have the lobsters and lobster rolls to consider. Pince & Pints is known for them, after all, so you might not want to miss out on them.)

Pince & Pints is at 32-33 Duxton Road, Singapore 089496; tel: +65 6225 7558. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook.