What to do and where to go in Da Nang, Vietnam

Updated: Mar 25

I believe I may have written about Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hue and Hoi An at some point. But not Da Nang, for some strange reason.

But not for long. :)

These days I prefer to ask residents from different locations and destinations about how they enjoy their free time, as I want to pattern most of my activities after theirs (on top of visiting other attractions, of course). I’ve gathered that Da Nang is known for its beaches; is not that far from some UNESCO World Heritage Sites; can lead me to scenic views of mountains and national parks; and is home to good-looking architecture, among others.

I can get to all that later, because Da Nang also primarily makes me want to relax – you can stay at an all-inclusive spa resort like the Fusion Maia Da Nang, for starters.

It's good to be alone :)

Speaking of the resort, it presented me with a good opportunity to get suggestions from them and Ms Quynh, a Fusionista and social media manager. Just in case you’re wondering, they describe a Fusionista as “warmer than guest services and butlers, and more creative than a concierge” – thus the perfect person to ask for recommendations. :)

#1 Go for a stroll

“Wake up early in the morning and walk along the beach. Da Nang is just so peaceful and beautiful at sunrise.”

#2 Have coffee, of course

“I spend my morning at a local coffee shop with friends, where there’s a really nice atmosphere with old music, small chairs, amazing Vietnamese iced coffee called ca phe sua da, and seasonal juices.”

#3 Shop and eat

“Go to a local market like Con Market and Bac My An Market. They have hundreds of delicious local fruits and street foods that you won’t find anywhere else. My favourites are mi quang noodles and dried fruits for dessert.”

#4 Stop for a moment

“Go on a ride to Son Tra Peninsula. Breathe in the fresh ocean air and say hello to the huge Lady Buddha who protects our region. Also take the time to admire the city’s coastline.”

Inspired by the Lady Buddha

#5 Get fit

“Run along Bach Dang Street at twilight. You might get to talk to the people you’ll meet along the way. Join an aerobics or tai chi class and see how friendly the Danangese are.”

#6 See the sights at night

“Check out the Da Nang nightlife for local shops, street foods and drinks, colourful bridges, and a beautiful riverside walk. The fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down!”

It’s time to book that ticket then. :)