5 stops to make + 5 things to bring on the Coast-to-Coast Trail

Updated: Mar 25

I love to walk. 😊

It’s my only acceptable form of exercise, because I get to do so many things at once (and not get bored): Admire the scenery. Breathe in the fresh air. Catch up with friends. Move fast… or slow. Change routes. Think. Daydream. (By the way, I’ve tried different classes and the gym, and they’re definitely not for me.)

I don’t need to buy expensive equipment either. I can do it on a whim wherever I may be.

I could go on, but I’ll stop right here. 😉

I realised I also love the colour green

By choosing to walk, I encounter this shade more often, which I consider a plus.

Whenever I see green, it reminds me of the outdoors, and of the brisk wind that makes the trees rustle and move to a beat that only they can hear. It’s gentle and calming. It brings me back to life.

Well, my feelings and assessment seem to be spot on, especially if you look at what the National Parks Board in Singapore has to say about the reported benefits of greenery – among them the potential for “better grades, better stress handling, and enhanced cognitive functioning”, just to name a few.

I hope to have that too. 😊

Speaking of parks

I want to update my walking routine in Singapore. Have you done the Coast-to-Coast (C2C) Trail yet? According to NParks, it covers 36km – and you can expect to travel through various checkpoints, parks, nature areas and park connectors.

It already sounds like an adventure – and a stunning one at that.

Just look at Coney Island Park

If it feels daunting, we can either download the C2C mobile app from the App Store or Google Play, or the online trail guide here. There are wayfinding signs as well.

The checkpoint markers are a big help

But I think the best way to start is to ask someone who uses and has actually done the trail first, so we know what to expect. Through NParks I found Nur Hafizah Bte Akbar Ali. 😊

Hafi reveals the five stops we shouldn’t miss – and the walking essentials that come highly recommended.

The stops

#1 Checkpoint 1, Jurong Lake Gardens

“This checkpoint is one to remember, as it’s an obvious Instagrammable place and a great start or end to the entire trail! The newly opened Lakeside Garden is centred around the themes of nature, play and the community, and features many spaces for the whole family – for example, Forest Ramble, Clusia Cove, Rasau Walk and the Grasslands. You can find out more about them here.”

#2 Checkpoint 2, Bukit Batok Nature Reserve

“The quarry pool here is breathtaking. The trails are a little more rustic so do be prepared, but it’s extremely worth it for the gorgeous views. Truly serene and perfect for quality time alone with your thoughts, or a romantic date with your loved one!”

Take a break and a breather at this spot along the park

#3 Checkpoint 4, Adam Road

“The C2C Trail passes by the Adam Road Food Centre, and I love the avocado juice here! You get endless food choices all in one location. It was also the perfect pick-me-up I needed as I reached the mid-point of the trail.”

#4 Checkpoint 7, Sengkang Riverside Park

“This park is underrated and just beautiful, with vast green fields and people exercising all around.”

#5 Checkpoint 8, Punggol Waterway Park “Possibly my favourite park with a good mix of hipster vibes and nature (i.e. the graffiti wall as well as the serene waters). Also, it’s alongside the gorgeous Waterway Point mall. What’s not to love?”

Here's a preview. 😊

Though it is a walk in the park, you still can’t forget...

The essentials

#1 Wear a cap

“This will come in handy, rain or shine, especially since it’s such a long walk in Singapore, where the weather’s always super unpredictable,“ Hafi continues. “Do bring umbrellas, ponchos and sunscreen as well!”

#2 Pack light

“Don’t bother overpacking snacks as they’d mostly get crushed in your bag – and there’s plenty of food along the way, anyway! But water is critical, so do bring a bottle!”

#3 Start early

“Everyone goes at a different pace, and you never know what you might encounter along the way. If you aim to complete the trail within a day to feel the accomplishment of doing so, start as early as 8am! Include buffer time for meals, breaks and taking photos too!” 😊

#4 Bring along your earphones…

“What’s an outdoor walk without listening to the sounds of nature? However, if a little music helps to make your journey more fun, the earphones will come in handy!”

#5 … and a portable charger

“Truly a holy grail, especially if you’re exploring the trail using the mobile app – meaning your phone will be used the entire day. Better to be safe than sorry!”

So are you ready to explore and put on your walking shoes? I am. Here’s to more walking (and hence more time for ourselves), and seeing more greenery. 😊

For more information on the C2C Trail, click here.

Photos courtesy of the National Parks Board Singapore