This is one club you’d demand to be a part of

Updated: Mar 25

Because it’s made up of puppies. 😊

Like Jelly ❤️

Yes – cute, adorable, playful, sweet puppies. Who can resist them?

But there’s a side to their story that you need to hear. They’re not just any puppies; they’re street puppies. And they are under the Causes for Animals Singapore’s (CAS) Puppy Club.

Same, but different

CAS is a registered animal welfare and charity organisation that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes stray and abandoned dogs. They also provide services and programmes such as feeding shelter and street animals; spaying and neutering strays; holding fund-raising activities and vaccination drives; maintaining an adoption shelter; and offering emergency healthcare and animal assisted therapy, among others.

These puppies have been exposed to tough situations – think lack of food and nutrition, the unforgiving weather, poor health, a missing parent, and a high chance of injury or even death. Although they were born and had to rough it out in the streets, they’re still… puppies.

And like Cupid, they love to play

“All puppies take lots of work and time. All puppies teeth, chew, destroy and require lots of socialisation,” says Christine Bernadette, CAS’s fund-raising coordinator.

“Street puppies make equally good pets with lots of training and socialisation.”

First in line

You can help a puppy at the Puppy Club by adopting, sponsoring, fostering, donating and/or volunteering.

When it comes to adopting, though, some people may admittedly be more interested in getting a young dog instead of an older one. (Don’t discount the seniors – they are incredible and have so much love to give.) But it’s still a commitment. According to Christine, you do have to consider the following:

• “Do you have time for a puppy? It involves lots of training, walks and socialisation.”

• “Are you willing to attend training classes and ensure you tackle all the issues your puppy may grow up to have?”

• “Do you have the patience to deal with toilet training and destroyed furniture, as well as teething and nipping?”

Can you stand your ground when Timmie looks at you like this? 😊

And Bubba too? 😊

Think of what you can do

And what you will experience, just by helping and looking out for these tiny creatures. Christine, for one, has had a lot of life-changing encounters through CAS’s Puppy Club.

“Christmas was rescued via a trapping exercise. He was malnourished and weak, but he still pushed through,” she begins.

“Misty was rescued from a construction area with heavy traffic, and her siblings were road kill.

“Rose, Bluebell and Daisy are sisters rescued from a construction site in the West,” she continues. “What was most memorable was we managed to save their mother, who has since been rehomed too.

“I learnt that puppies have a very strong will to live,” she recalls with fondness. “With a little patience and love, they blossom into lovely canine pals.”

Like Luke 😊

So what are you waiting for? Get “recruited” and apply to be a “member” of the Puppy Club now. 😊

Support CAS and their partners by signing up as a volunteer. You can also make a donation, sponsor a dog, and participate in their activities to help them spread the word. Go to their site and Facebook for more details.