What brunch with upcycled ingredients looks like

Updated: Mar 25

Brunch to me means that I’m not chasing or trying to beat something (be it the bus or the train, clocking in at the office, or meeting an early deadline), so it’s much more enjoyable compared to breakfast.

Preparing brunch, and eating it, feels much more relaxing too. And it should.

“Brunch is an excellent way for people to indulge in their favourite breakfast and lunch dishes, and enjoy the best of both worlds,” says Ryan Kieran Tan, co-founder of Strangers’ Reunion.

“But mostly it’s about creating an atmosphere that’s perfect for friends and family to catch up over great food, hence our moniker ‘Strangers’ Reunion’.”

Make yourselves comfortable

The café recently launched their new all-day brunch menu, which features meals that they describe as “refined”, “affordable”, “well-thought-out”, “inventive” and having “a well-balanced mix of flavours and textures”.

Like the Roasted Cauliflower Salad...

... Snapper Ceviche, and...

... Buttermilk Waffles with Hazelnut Praline and Almond Crumble

One factor is their clever use of both fresh and upcycled ingredients. Let them inspire you to not just throw out your leftovers or unwanted food items – because these can actually help you create something unique and tasty to serve the next day.

#1 Salmon skin

Salmon offcuts and trimmings are turned into crispy Salmon Skin Chips with sesame aioli, avocado coulis and coffee-smoked salmon purée.

Cracking good

#2 Broccoli stems

They’re steamed and slow-roasted – and matched with pork collar ends, broccoli purée and burnt onion jus – to become the Pork and Broccoli.

It's tender and juicy

#3 Spent coffee grounds

Together with hickory wood, these are used to cold-smoke the salmon for the Strangers Coffee Smoked Salmon on Toast.

Head chef Hilmi Bari Bin Litmee adds other choice ingredients to upcycle:

#4 Vegetable trimmings

His examples include carrot tops, cauliflower or broccoli florets, celery and cucumber.

“Pickle the vegetable trimmings in a combination of vinegar – infused with choice of spices like bay leaves, peppercorns and mustard seeds – and herbs, including dill, rosemary, and even leftover herb twigs and stems.”

#5 Cauliflower stems

“The new ‘it’ vegetable possesses countless possibilities – cauliflower florets make couscous, while its stem is excellent for hummus! Simply portion the cauliflower stem into smaller pieces, boil with milk until tender, then blend with butter and season. Finish with chopped parsley, a dash of paprika or chilli powder, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.”

#6 Dried shiitake mushrooms

“After rehydrating the mushrooms in water, use the soaking liquid – which is full of flavour and natural umami – as mushroom stock.”

Of course, brunch won’t be complete without coffee. It’s Strangers’ Reunion specialty. Order the Magic, a cup of double ristretto and milk. They also have other brews, tea lattes, smoothies, juices, craft beers and wine. 😊

Have some Magic in your life 😊

Strangers’ Reunion is at 33-35 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169355; tel: +65 6222 4869. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.