Brunch ideas in Bangkok (and Singapore)

Updated: Mar 25

You’re in Bangkok and you woke up late, thereby missing breakfast. That’s okay – you can have brunch. 😊

“Thais don’t actually have a brunch culture per se,” says “John” Songsorn Junsunjai, the co-founder of Baan Ying – a restaurant that “serves authentic, home-style Thai cuisine”. They have ten outlets in Bangkok, and opened one in Singapore at Royal Square @ Novena last year.

Have a seat

“However, everyone knows how much we love food and enjoy a good meal.”

It’s our kind of city then

… since there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t have a Thai-style breakfast or specific dish at this time of the day.

“Unlike other countries, a typical Thai breakfast actually consists mainly of savoury food,” John relates.

“Families can opt to have something light, like porridge accompanied by a selection of dishes, or a full meal of select milder Thai dishes. For lunch, traditionally, Thais tend to have spicy dishes enjoyed communal-style.”

But what if you’re on the go? “As the Thai lifestyle becomes more competitive, and to combat the heavy traffic, some Thais may opt to have a small breakfast of bread with jam, cereal or sandwich on a day-to-day basis, much like what people do in Western countries,” he recounts.

It can be quick and easy

“Only when they have more time on the weekends do they combine breakfast and lunch, as they will have more time to eat. So technically, brunch is a big lunch for us!”

The choices are increasing

You don’t have to look far; your accommodations will likely have a brunch option.

“Although we don’t have an actual brunch culture, many hotels in Thailand are now introducing the brunch concept to their weekend menus,” John observes.

“I like it because this means you can hang out with your friends and family with some drinks and snacks before having a proper lunch.”

You have time to socialise

He suggests three of his favourite spots in Bangkok for a weekend “brunch” filled with friends and Thai food.

#1 Siam Tea Room at Marriott Marquis

“If I have to choose, I’ll pick this – they offer a good range of small dishes to share, as well as wines and cocktails.”

#2 KRAM Café & Thai Kitchen

“This is one of our restaurant concepts in Thailand. It’s a modern Thai house with a garden that also serves a wide variety of wines and beers.”

#3 Paste Bangkok

“They serve very modern yet very tasty dishes with a wonderful drinks menu, of course.”

What should we order?

“Rather than recommending specific dishes for you to try, I’d instead recommend pairing wine with Thai food,” John suggests.

“Most foreigners feel that Thai food doesn’t go with wine, but that’s not true! A cold white wine would be perfect with something spicy and sour, like Som Tum (papaya salad), while a light red wine would be great with a dish like grilled beef with Thai spicy sauce.”

It’ll certainly perk you up for any sightseeing or activity you have ahead. 😊

For more on Baan Ying, click here and here. For more on John, follow him @johnypapa.

If you’re back home in Singapore and longing for a Thai brunch, Baan Ying has The Great Baan Ying Brunch on weekends, from 11am to 3pm.

It features a DIY Thai salad station, a serving of one main course, plus a variety of appetisers, sides and desserts. There’s even a Nam Prik of the Day (Nam Prik is a Thai chilli sauce or dip), as well as a Soup, Curry, Fried Rice, and Fried Noodles of the Day.

You can have the Bone-in Iberico Pork Chop...

... or the Pan-fried Salmon Steak as your main (there's also Angus Beef Steak and Grilled Large River Prawns)

So there’s no need to order, or agonise over what to order – this spread means you won’t miss out on anything. 😊

Help yourself 😊