2 ingredients for better, healthier bakes

Updated: Mar 25

I’m no food expert, but I do know that a tasty dish is exactly that because it’s made up of fresh and quality ingredients.

Scrimping on said ingredients is not an option. 😊

“It’s true that we are what we eat,” says Chang Yi Ning, the founder and owner of Bakening in Singapore – a vegetarian bakery with vegan-friendly options.

Meet Ning

“Most of our cells regenerate every few days, weeks or months, so if we don’t consume proper nutrients, our body won’t have the proper tools and ingredients to build new cells from,” she adds.

“Food is more than just for filling our hunger. It is fuel and nourishment, and when you give your body the right nutrients, it knows exactly how to heal and thrive.”

But what if you have sweet tooth?

And what if you love baked goodies, like me? 😊

Seriously, can anyone resist Bakening's banana chocolate cake?

Thankfully we have Ning and Bakening. They seek to promote a wholesome, cleaner and healthier lifestyle with their flourless, vegetarian, vegan and Paleo treats.

Full of flavour, their baked creations are free from grains, gluten, preservatives, dairy and additives.

Take your pick

If you’re a seasoned baker, you can also start practising and doing more vegan, vegetarian, Paleo and gluten-free baking at home.

“Don’t be afraid to experiment a little (or a lot)!” Ning urges. “I never had baking classes, but I had a lot of crazy ideas.

“Keep on browsing recipes and read about the science behind why certain ingredients work, or what effects they have on the overall product,” she continues.

“It helps you to make new connections, and to think about new ideas or substitutions to work in other recipes no one else would think of doing.

“The only downside is the guilt of throwing fiascos away,” she muses. “But hey, you’ll always learn from it.” 😜

2 ingredients that make a difference

You’d think that vegan, vegetarian, Paleo and gluten-free baking is tough, but it’s doable – just take small steps, and you’ll get there.

Ning begins by suggesting two favourite ingredients that she’d love for people to use and try more of when they bake.

#1 Fruits (instead of sugar)

“This ups the nutrient content of your baked goods with fibre, micronutrients, and other trace minerals which are so important for overall body function. They also impart different flavours, so it takes a bit of trial and error to see which ones work best.”

How about blueberries for your muffins?

#2 Hazelnuts

“I LOVE the fragrance of hazelnuts!” Ning admits.

“Almonds are very common in Paleo and gluten-free baking due to their neutral taste profile and the ease of getting them as an ingredient – but hazelnuts bring a powerful buttery and nutty taste profile to your baked goods, especially when paired with chocolate (like in our Choco Sea Salt and Choco Hazelnut cookies).”

Here's their Hazelnut Crunch...

... and their Choco Hazelnut Crunch – can you choose a favourite?

That doesn’t sound so hard now, does it? Happy eating – and good luck with your baking! 😊

For Ning’s latest offerings, visit Bakening and follow them @bakening.co.