Can you guess the truffle?

Updated: Mar 25

Actually, you don’t really have to… because the recently opened Artisan de la Truffe in Hong Kong will gladly tell you. (They’ll proudly tell you where they source their fine truffles from too.)

Artisan de la Truffe schools us on the truffle

The restaurant (which has outlets in Hamburg, Tokyo and Paris, where it was first established in 2013) puts the spotlight on this prized ingredient, creating modern French dishes that complement with – and benefit from – the truffle’s distinct aroma and flavour.

Is it your first time to dine at Artisan de la Truffe, or to taste truffles?

“Try the tagliatelle served with truffle shavings,” suggests head chef Manful Lee.

The truffle makes it memorable

“Pasta with simple flavours, with truffle, is always a classic and perfect pairing, as it highlights the truffle's musky, rustic, earthy tones with the aromas and flavours of the forest floor and mushrooms,” he maintains.

“For Artisan de la Truffe’s pasta dish, the sauce is cooked with white wine, cream, onion, chicken broth and parmesan cheese, taking the dish to another level.”

But that's just the start. Complete your exceptional truffle meal with choices and courses like these. :)

Burrata cheese with black truffle. Truffle cheese and charcuterie platter. Foie gras sauté. Poached Boston lobster salad with black truffle. Today’s special fish with truffle Beurre Blanc. Roasted French duck breast and truffle. Australian beef tenderloin tartare with black truffle. And blackcurrant cheesecake with truffle ice cream.

The Artisan de la Truffe restaurant and truffle concept store is at Shop OTE303, Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong; tel: +852 2885 2030.