Pretty accessories that make you want to go out or play dress-up

Updated: Mar 25

I remember buying a necklace from a friend and realising how it completely changed my look. Since then, I’ve never underestimated the power of an accessory. 😊 (I still have to get into the habit of using them, though. I’m not exactly stylish or fashion-conscious. 😬 )

While searching for stories and looking at photos of “green” jewellery as possible gifts, I came across Amado Gudek – a Singapore-based brand of handcrafted pieces that are made of sustainable materials like bioresin, and inspired by themes of nature.

Its founder and designer, Elaine Tan, agrees with me about the effects an accessory can have on one’s outfit, and thinks that they are actually so essential for everyday.

Elaine has a lot of ideas

“They’re great storytellers,” she maintains.

“I personally find that you can tell a person’s character best from the jewellery they pick or wear.”

The fact that Amado Gudek is eco-friendly is a plus too. According to them, the bioresin they use “contains bio-based renewable materials”.

“I love bioresin’s versatility. I like the fact that you can play around with its opacity, and it can be made to mimic many different materials (glass, stone, clay) without the weight of them. That gives you the room to create bigger accessories without them feeling too heavy,” Elaine explains.

“I like working with concrete as well due to its great texture. In my latest collection, Moon Dance, I combined the use of concrete with bioresin.”

The range features fair trade salt and pepper diamonds, moon stones, and recycled gold too. Check out these earrings – love the colours. 😊↓

Now on to the style tips

With so many different accessories out there, I asked Elaine for her personal favourite ways to choose and wear them. But she says it’s all about what you want and how you feel – which is reassuring. 😊

#1 Do you

“I believe there’s no right or wrong way to accessorise. The best way would be to go with your own style and wear what you like.”

#2 Go with your gut

“The good thing about jewellery is that there are no longer any ‘rules’,” she continues.

“You can wear costume jewellery with an expensive evening gown or precious jewellery with a casual outfit. The rules and lines have been blurred and that’s the fun part of it.”

But if you do want to stand out…

Elaine offers resin jewellery and resin art workshops under Resin Play. Maybe you’d like to create your own accessories and bend the rules even more? 😊

And then she has two more brands if you need variety. “There’s Analog Cufflinks, which produces made-to-order custom cufflinks, and Alfie De Meow, a cat-themed jewellery brand that gives back 10 per cent of our revenue to cat welfare groups,” she says.

That makes us even more excited to shop and add to our collection, right? 😊

In the meantime, maybe you have suggestions on how to wear and pair these?

The Moon Eclipse Chandelier Earrings remind me of rainforests

For some reason, I think the Moon Reflections Necklace is great for the beach

And the Moonlight Sonata Brooch is like a colourful eclipse

Amado Gudek has outlets in Singapore, Hong Kong and China. Click here for a list of stockists. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.