How to have a pleasant ride with your pet

Updated: Mar 25

Without a car, going around Singapore with your pets might pose a challenge. Good thing there’s The Fourkids Family – a 24/7 pet taxi service. :)

Founded in 2014 and run by Dean Ng, they also offer house visits as well as highly customisable, on-demand pet staycation packages and pet care workshops.

A health coach by profession, Dean has your pets’ safety and comfort in mind. “The Fourkids Family was set up as a hobby to feed my other passion of working with animals,” she says.

This is Dean :)

“I strongly believe that how you care for your pets' well-being is almost always a direct reflection of how you handle your own well-being – hence a chance for me to share tips on health and nutrition with interested clients.” (You can check out Dean’s coaching practice here.) :)

Make it feel like a breeze

Some of you may not consider it worth preparing for, but getting your pets – especially the older, senior ones – used to riding in the car (or any moving vehicle) is not as quick or easy as it looks. What if it’s also just their first, second or third time?

Even if you think you’ve got it covered, it pays to heed Dean’s advice. Add her tips to your to-do list:

#1 Play soft music

“It always helps them to relax. It’s something we consciously do whenever we have pets in the car, regardless of age.”

#2 Stay calm and enjoy the ride

“Your furkids will pick up your vibes and replicate it.”

#3 For safety, always ensure that they’ve been properly secured

“Consider investing in a good quality crash-rated seatbelt harness or carrier if they travel often.”

#4 Always lock the door and window

“For dogs who may suffer from motion sickness, it’s alright to leave a small gap to let in some fresh air (as long as it’s not big enough for them to squeeze through). Do note that some dogs (especially Singapore Special) may be fearful of the sound of the wind squeezing through the gap, and may prefer to have the windows closed tight. In this case, just keep the windows closed. The less stressed they are, the more enjoyable the ride will be.”

#5 For frequent travellers, consider investing in a car seat cover that can double up as a hammock

“This will help them feel safe and secure in a moving vehicle.”

Let's go! :)

Wisdom for the ages

The reason why I’m asking Dean for her expertise is I have a 12-year-old dog, and I don’t want to forget anything – or assume that she’ll always be okay before, during and after any ride. :) Dean also has a background in gerontology and nutrition.

“Like humans, it’s never too late to focus on your pets' immune system. That includes good nutrition, mental and emotional health,” she states.

“Good health can actually delay their ageing process and, like humans, help them age more gracefully. Also, most senior dogs appreciate the opportunity to go out and socialise, or to simply just smell the roses even though they are no longer cute little puppies and may have mobility issues.”

She adds, “Try and facilitate outings to different places as far as possible. Both you and your furries will appreciate the experiences and memories built together, especially after they’ve passed on.”

I’ll take note. :)

Need a ride? You can contact The Fourkids Family here.