A guide to add more variety to your meals

If yesterday you had this, today you should have that.

mix and match food prep chart
Save me if you like me

Is it a presentation? A table? A bunch of words in boxes? We can call it whatever we want. 🙂

I wanted to create a guide where I could mix and match different features of foods and ingredients for variety. So I thought this could work…?

Before this happened

This is what my original notes look like.

I write better than this

At first I thought I was being organised, but now that I really look at it, I’m overwhelmed. And confused. In fact, I even wrote the word “overwhelmed” (see upper right side) without meaning to.

To be fair, I was just scribbling and writing down whatever came to mind. I didn’t want to forget. I was planning to make it clearer on a new piece of paper. So this is just scratch, like a first draft.

Still, a part of me already wants to give up. I’m complicating things, again without meaning to.

These notes came to be because:

#1 I’m afraid my meals would be boring, repetitive and bland

If you’ve been reading me for a while, I’ve admitted once or twice before that I’m not a good cook. I’m decent and okay, but I can’t whip up fantastic meals like you see on YouTube and TV. Besides, I’m too lazy. I want something quick and easy, without fancy or expensive ingredients. I also don’t relish bringing out a lot of appliances to process them.

#2 Ideas for meals don’t come to me that easily

I guess I can always go to different websites and videos for that. So far I’ve been watching Rainbow Plant Life, Ina Garten and Nigella.

#3 I wanted to see the results

I wonder what kind of meals I’ll come up with. I’m not picky; as long as it’s filling and tasty, it’ll be fine.

#4 I wanted to eat healthy

I’m at this stage where I feel like fruits, vegetables, and anything plant-based will be a challenge to add to my diet. This ties back to #1.

But I really want to do this. Ideas and plans are raging inside my head. 😬

#5 I hoped it would be fun

Or entertaining – something to make meal prep and dining-in lively and enjoyable. And maybe a bit unpredictable too?

A few lessons

However, there are times in your life where notes, tools for organisation, charts, tables, lists and all that should be thrown out the window.

#1 I need this guide – and I don’t

I can just cook and prepare whatever it is I feel like eating, whatever I have in the pantry or fridge, and whatever I have time for. No mind games and no bashing my head against the wall.

Actually, I only need my notes too.

#2 It’s simple

If I’m really concerned about not having enough healthy items in my meals, I just have to make sure that I have a vegetable dish, a piece of fruit – something – with each meal every single time. I can work my way from there.

#3 Assign a day where I eat plant-ba