Your '80s-themed party checklist

Updated: Mar 25

You could cook or look for a caterer and bartender, hire a designer or decorate the place yourself. If you do decide to DIY, I know someone who can help. :)

Hunter & The Chase in Hong Kong will be having their Midnight Glam New Year’s Eve Party on 31 December 2018 from 9:30pm. And yes, their theme is the ‘80s (and ‘90s). You’ll definitely get a few ideas and takeaways from their bash. You can join in on the fun and buy your tickets here.

Expect the place to fill up, fast

I asked Doris, their marketing executive, and the Hunter & The Chase team to give us an ‘80s brief should we hold a similar gathering of our own. Their suggestions will liven up not just our holidays, but other upcoming celebrations too.

So try to travel back in time and collect the following:

#1 Music

“The ‘80s was a legendary time for classic tunes, be it pop, rock, hip-hop or punk. They’re great elements that can bring back memories.”

#2 Drinks

“Think of ‘Sex On The Beach’ and ‘Sea Breeze’ – the kind of nostalgic ‘80s cocktails where you’d remember or imagine that time when people hung out and partied together.”

#3 Decorations

“Colourful light bulbs, neon lights and some toys, like the Slinky – it’s an era where people fancied a colourful world.”

#4 ‘80s makeup and fashion

Plus other visuals you can think of; this way “people can have a clear connection and concept about the party.”

#5 Games

“Imagine no smartphones, and the night you went out to the travelling carnivals where you loved to play at booths and games like ‘Merry Rainbow’, ‘Rainbow Coin Toss’ and ‘Spin A Prize’.”

Where to shop

Which stores and areas in Hong Kong does the team go to for their fill of ‘80s music, props and other items? Ready your wallets and browse through:

#1 Sham Shui Po

#2 Sino Centre, for second-hand CDs

#3 Midwest Vintage and Mee & Gee, for second-hand vintage fashion and accessories

It’s for everyone to appreciate

You wouldn’t want anyone to feel out of place – but you do want them to feel like they’ve entered another world. :) Your ‘80s affair should appeal to every single person on your guest list.

“Research is crucial. Discuss and brainstorm for your themed party with someone who’s been through one – and also with someone who hasn’t been through one, but has the imagination and expectations,” say Doris and the team.

“We’d like to present the party in a way that people will experience what’s in their memories once again – and also for the younger ones to enjoy it in a classic way.”

A good example

It sounds like a challenge – but not if you have Hunter & The Chase’s New Year’s Eve festivities as inspiration. :) So before you go over your ‘80s game plan, why not live through this special decade first as you usher in the new year?

Amidst an ‘80s-like setting, the restaurant-and-bar offers a choice of a Sharing Feast, three to four hours of unlimited drinks, and/or a midnight buffet of American-style snacks. Or why not have them all? It’s a New Year’s Eve party, after all. :)

Hunter & The Chase is at the 3/F and 4/F, The L Place, 139 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong; tel: +852 2915 1638. Check out their NYE party packages here.