5 memorable SG eateries and meals in 2018

Updated: Mar 25

The year is about to end, and I’ve yet to visit some of the highly-recommended restaurants – and taste some of the new dishes – written and praised about online. And there’s a lot more that I probably haven’t read or heard about. I’m missing out. :)

Water and a sandwich just won't cut it

But that’s okay, because I can still play catch-up. I asked Noelle Tan, director of Sixth Sense PR, to reveal her top five food experiences in Singapore for 2018. :) They know the food scene and what’s hot, and they can point me in the right direction.

(By the way, I might make this into a series, and ask loads more people to give me their top food experiences. Stay tuned.)

So have you tried these? :)

#1 Quorn

“My top pick would be embracing meat-free meals and getting to know Quorn even better. I first tried the product when I was studying in the UK and was very pleased when it launched in Singapore late last year.

“It is made from mycoprotein – a naturally nutritious fungi-based protein – and is high in protein and fibre, and low in saturated fat. It also contains essential amino acids, has no cholesterol, and is soy-free.

“You can find it in the frozen section of the supermarket and there are various products available, like Meat Free Mince, Meat Free Pieces, Swedish Style Balls, Meat Free Crispy Nuggets, and my absolute favourite, Garlic and Mushroom Escalopes. It’s so versatile – just pop it in the oven or air fryer, or stir into Bolognese. Delish!”

#2 Le Bon Funk

“Having said that, the Beef Tongue and Gribiche Sammy here is really something I won’t forget in a while. Loved the vibes of this casual resto too.”

#3 Fat Fuku

“Hands down one of the most talented chefs I know, Annette Tan runs Fat Fuku, a private dining experience of modern Peranakan fare. The dry mee siam is out of this world.”

#4 Il Den

“This is a hole-in-the-wall in the most unlikely of venues, but well worth the time. It’s run by a young and talented chef who excels in Japanese-accentuated European cuisine with finesse.

“It’s great to see local talent driven by creativity and passion.”

#5 Esora

“Easily the experience of the year for me – well worth every cent and time spent.

“The attention to detail is outstanding, from the glassware (we were served tea in wine glasses) to the jaw-dropping Autumn-inspired sushi and sashimi platter that included uni and fugu, among other outstanding courses in the omakase menu.”

Too pretty to eat :)

Don’t want to stop at five? Then check out Noelle and the Sixth Sense PR team’s other food experiences and updates here.

Happy (holiday) eating (to you and me)! :)