3 steps that can help you get back on track

We have days when we’re confused, sad, distracted, crazy-busy, and wondering what it is we’re doing exactly (and what it’s for). Well, I have the perfect person to inspire us and to help us think about things a little more clearly (especially now that we’ve just ushered in a new year).

Her name is Oh Siew May, and she’s accomplished so much. Born with cerebral palsy, she wrote a book, Scaling Walls – My Story. Published in 2009, it chronicles her experiences and struggles, and how she overcame them. She climbed Mount Kinabalu in 2005, won a Silent Heroes Award in 2017, just trekked the Himalayas in 2018, and is an in-demand motivational speaker.

Oh, and she takes cool photos too. :) Here are some of them.

She tells us what she usually does when she feels particularly down. “I focus on doing the things I like – like helping others and doing photography,” she says.

She also reminds herself of her life’s purpose with these meaningful habits and pieces of advice:

#1 Interact with different people

“… and try to understand yourself more. I only started to know my purpose in life after I published my story. It was through interacting with people during talks at schools that I realised how I inspired them through my story.”

#2 Write down your burning desire

“… and what makes you happy the most. I write down each and every experience, which keeps me going.”

#3 Ask yourself these three questions

“What do you want in life?

“I’d ask myself, ‘What do I want to do?’ and ‘How could I inspire others more?’”

You matter

Siew May also reveals how we can better relish and enjoy our journey. “Be thankful and accepting of who you are,” she states.

“I realised that a thankful heart – and not always wanting to compare yourself with others – will make you happier.”

And you should probably try to go out more too. By that I mean you might want to stop for a moment, breathe, have some “me” time, and appreciate your surroundings.

“I believe nature is the best healer,” Siew May admits. And her photography gets that message across.

“I hope that I can bring joy and peace to others through the photos I take.”

What else can we do to rethink our lives, and bring joy and peace to ourselves and to others, today? :)

Follow Siew May at @ohsiewmay. You can also order her book at scalingwalls.siewmay@gmail.com, of which 10 per cent of the profit goes to a cerebral palsy school.