2 more eco-friendly straws you should know about

Updated: Mar 25

I’m on a roll.

I already have a couple of posts about eco-friendly straws (this is the most recent one), but I think it’s always good to add more. (Because it’s also good to have options.)

Here are two that might prove useful, especially when you’re travelling.

#1 Zoku’s Pocket Straw

If you have a small bag or want something compact, this will do the trick.

Zoku has designed theirs with a lot of “ables” – reusable, extendable, adjustable, collapsible (oh wait, that’s “ible”). You get the drift. 😬

The telescoping straw is made of stainless steel, is light and quick to store, and reaches up to nine inches. You don’t have to worry about how short or tall your glass is.

It’s also BPA and phthalate-free, and you get a cleaning brush and carrying case along with it.

Plus it comes in charcoal, teal and berry colours – in case you’re very particular about those things. (I could be. Bright and pretty shades are fun.)

#2 RiceStraws

This product by Malaysia-based NLYTech BIOTECH Sdn Bhd recently won “Best sustainable packaging” at the 2019 Asia Food Innovation Awards in Singapore – and for good reason.

Made of rice and tapioca, it’s edible and biodegradable. The company also says that the HACCP, ISO 22000 and Halal-certified straw can survive in cold drinks between four to 10 hours, and in hot drinks between two to three. It decomposes within three months.

You’ll love the convenience it offers – and the fact that you don’t have to waste or throw anything away after you use it.

Okay, that’s about it (for now). I’ll let you know if I come across more. 😊