10 Christmas gift ideas in late September

Updated: Mar 25

It’s September going on October – still a bit early to think of Christmas gifts – but I guess that’s me. 😊

I like looking at cute online shops for ideas, and Naiise is one that easily comes to mind.

Launched in 2013, Naiise is a design retailer with online, brick-and-mortar, and pop-up shops in Singapore. They offer both local and international products under categories like home accessories, stationery, food, clothing, travel and pets.

Their pieces are thoughtfully curated, well-made, of high quality and functional. Their aim is to make design accessible and a way of life. 😊

It turns out I’m not the only one

Who’s eager about December and Christmas, that is – and also about what Naiise has in store for us.

“We’re looking forward to Christmas and to an awesome year-end,” agrees Ain Ali, Naiise marketing manager.

“Christmas is a huge time for us and we’re excited about that!”

Ain is looking far ahead

Ain’s favourites (and soon-to-be mine too)

I don’t even know where to begin. When I look at the selection, I feel like getting everything… for myself.

Well, obviously I can’t (or can I… 😊), so I’ve decided to ask Ain about the things from Naiise that got her love and attention this 2019.

I’ve added in who I’d want to give them to, and how I plan to use them if I do happen to add them to my own cart too. 😬

#1 For the one who has a lot of stuff and needs to stash them somewhere, fast:

The Future is Ours tote bag from The Paper Bunny

“Super huge bag to store my things, and it matches almost every outfit,” says Ain.

#2 For brightening up your desk and kitchen:

FAYY Terrarium & Gifts

“The Vol. 1 Medium Herbarium is an adorable gift for friends and colleagues.”

(Me: I can stare at it all day.)

#3 For personalising your outfits:

Pew Pew Patches

“A great way to jazz up denim jackets!”

#4 Always a reliable and welcome gift:

ana tomy notebooks

“Customised planners for your everyday meetings plus notes! The perfect companion for work.”

(Me: I like using pen and paper still, so I’d love to get these. There’s something about writing down your thoughts and notes that feels satisfying. I’m thinking of sending handwritten letters to people, actually.)

#5 For having a good conversation (we can all use one these days, and it's a valuable gift to have and to share):

Ondeh Ondeh Latte from The Pantry

“What started as a trial flavour for National Day month ended up as a long-term item on our menu. I always get a cup for myself when I’m there!”

It's a bestseller

#6 For the one who loves (and needs) a vacation:

Pool floats from BigMouth Inc

“We’ve got the rubber duckie ones that make a pretty interesting gift.“

#7 For the beauty junkie (or someone who needs pampering):

Pokémon Pikachu Face Mask from i-Zakka

“Adorable packaging!”

#8 For the person who loves to cook and run a cool household:

Agatha Spoon Holder and Steam Releaser from Ototo

“Ototo has a variety of unique and quirky products. They add fun to everyday activities like cooking, prepping and laundry.”

#9 For the one who loves/hates to clean:

World’s Smallest Vacuum from Funtime Gifts

“A perfect gift for that person you know who’s a neat freak! Clean up on the go.”

#10 Just for fun, and just because:

The Fixie Stardust from doiy

“Small bicycles that can also cut your pizza? Why not!”

(Me: They sure will slice your pie perfectly – and you’ll have fun doing it.)

Not so fast

Now that you have the makings of a decent Christmas list, don’t forget that you ought to wrap them up nicely. Naiise has a couple of options you might like.

If I manage to get these, I’ll definitely try to be careful in handling them so I can keep them for later. We can always find uses for them. 😊

#1 Recycled

“We have recycled gift wrap that’s available at the Naiise Gift Bar,” Ain suggests.

#2 Like an accessory

“Dried flowers add a chic touch to your gift wraps too.”

#3 Decorative and versatile

“Separately, we also have Bee’s Wrap, which can be used to wrap your small gifts too! They’re reusable and eco-friendly.”

#4 The standout

“A hot-stamped name of the recipient onto your gift also adds a personal touch. It’s one of the add-ons that we offer at the Gift Bar.”

For a first round, this list is already making me happy. What else should we add? If you have other online shops to recommend, do drop me note.

Christmas will be here before we know it. Soon we’ll be all set!

Check out Naiise for more information about these products – also @naiise on Facebook and Instagram.