A matter of perspective?

17 November 2018

I suppose this is Italy, or some really cool holiday spot. I wouldn’t know; I’ve never been. :) The staff probably doesn’t know either.


This is an image (painting?) off a plastic placemat at an obscure and rather sleepy coffee shop. I took the photo while I was eating fries. I don’t think the coffee shop even serves pasta, or anything related to Italian cuisine. (I was waiting for someone, and it was the only place available for me to hang out in.)


If I didn’t tell you this background story, what would you think about this picture? Especially if I just posted it, made some random remark or cute observation, and omitted (or spruced up) some information? :)


But who cares, right? ;) And does it matter? It’s just a pretty picture (painting?). :)

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