My dog is sick, and I can't...    

09 August 2018


Update: I got her back from the vet yesterday afternoon, 11 August. She's still a little weak, but recovering. She has to take medicine for a couple of days, and I have to monitor her closely and report to the vet. :) But I'm so glad she's home.

Function. Stop worrying. Find it in myself to work and be productive.


Instead I am writing this post.


I brought her to the vet earlier and she was so weak, she couldn’t stand up. I was tearing up, which both surprised and embarrassed me. I’m not sentimental. I don’t cry easily. I didn’t want the vet to see that I was about to fall apart. There were other dogs and dog owners at the clinic too.


I managed to keep it all in till I got out. I don’t know if I should consider that a triumph or something.


The thing is, having pets teaches you to feel, and that it’s okay to feel. At least that’s what I think. That’s what happened to me.


I’m used to being alone and on my own, and I actually thrive on that. I can do and be anything I want. I still do… only now I have three dogs to think about. (I have two others, both aged three.)


I took over taking care of her from my parents around three years ago. She’s turning 12 next week. The past year I watched her age considerably. She’s slower. But she’s still gentle and loving. I know dog owners often say they have the best dog ever. I’m one of them, and I count myself lucky.


I’m just waiting for the vet to get back to me. I might be able to get her later, or she might have to stay overnight at the clinic.



With my dogs, I realised that:


#1 I’ll be okay no matter what gets thrown my way, as long as I have them with me.


#2 Whatever the problem or setback, I just have to deal with it and adapt and get on with it. Like they do.


#3 A treat is always welcome, and brightens up my/their day.


#4 Life can actually be quite simple. I’m the one who complicates things.

#5 I want the world to be a better place. I am more conscious and aware of how my actions affect other people and the environment. 


#6 My life will never be Super Charmed without them.


There’s more, but this is what I can come up with at the moment. Excuse me while I reach for another tissue.

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