Cool-looking and -tasting mooncakes

20 July 2018 | Singapore

The Mid-Autumn Festival on 24 September is still a few weeks away, but there’s no reason for us not to look forward to the mooncakes already. :)


Every year brings new and interesting flavours, and this batch does not disappoint. These selections are a good start. :)


#1 Hello Kitty Orchid Garden’s ice cream creations

They’re cute, and they’re made of ice cream. What’s not to like? And what would it be: passionfruit or salted butterscotch? Why choose one when you can have both? Even more good news: the café is open 24 hours. At S$29.80 for a box of two from 15 August to 07 September, and at S$33.80 after that till 24 September, or while stocks last.

#2 Old Seng Choong’s “Four Heavenly Beauties”

If you want a bit of a kick, these snowskin mooncakes have brandy, martini, Baileys Irish cream and whiskey, and Myers rum in them. They’re made even richer with ingredients like tart fruit and chocolate. At S$68.80. Order online from 01 August to 23 September, and at their stores and booths from 22 August to 24 September.


#3 Goodwood Park Hotel’s blue masterpiece

The pure blue pea flower essence provides the lovely colour, while the white lotus seed paste and melon seeds provide the flavour. At S$42 for two pieces, and S$64 for four.


Try their unique and equally pretty Almond Beancurd with Longan (S$36 for two pieces and S$56 for four) and Soursop with Calamansi (S$34 for two pieces and S$54 for four) too.


Available from 18 August to 24 September. Early bird discounts last from 18 to 24 August; get online discounts from 14 August to 19 September.

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