How to keep your memories alive

Make them last for as long as you can

22 May 2018 | Singapore

We set aside letters, photos, keepsakes, and even school projects in a box to be left in a closet or storage area because, well, they’re important. They’re tangible proof that we’ve lived and done certain things… that we and our actions must have meant something to ourselves and to other people back then.


It shows us how far we’ve come, how much (or little) we’ve changed, and what we can do to move forward. At least that’s how I feel. :)


I’ve been thinking a lot about memories (the word itself and its significance) lately for some strange reason, hence this post. Each person has a story to tell, and there are bound to be cool lessons and interesting perspectives in there. They’re worth sharing and passing on.

Why not exchange memory boxes with someone and talk about what you’ve found and learned? That’d be really interesting. Or maybe gather and curate the items to create a book?

If you want to connect with more people, try the Singapore Memory Project; it's where Singaporeans can have a memory account for their texts, images, videos and audio files. It has received over 1 million contributions since its launch in 2011. That’s a lot of stories. :)

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